Wu Heng’s mood began to get heavier and heavier.

Wu Heng, the chief of the Wild, is not a waste who will rely on pet animals.
She also has rich combat experience.
If it is for others, Wu Heng may have left the demon Sun and rushed towards Liu Yuan.
After all, half the blood of the sun is also a card of Wuheng.
Experienced several actual combat and solved several enemy Wu Heng.
But there is no such naive idea that an animal bender can’t attack an animal bender.
But from the front of Liu Yuan, he can resist his own momentum attack
The purple giant behind Liu Yuan appeared.
Let Wu Heng know that this opponent is different from what he met before.
Although Lu Yuanren is human, he also holds the terrorist fighting capacity.
It’s an unknown whether you can beat Liu Yuan directly.
When Wu Heng hesitated to break the deadlock with Liu Yuan.
Tam punched the demon Sun in the face.
The terrorist force made the demon Sun fly out again.
While the demon Sun retrogrades, a wave of terror energy comes from Tam’s mouth.
Magic … Super Bijyudama!
Terror super Bijyudama flew towards the demon Sun.
There is no way that the evil sun can hastily run the evil force to defend itself.
A thick demon cloud enveloped the demon Sun.
One second keeps spinning, and the oversized Bijyudama follows.
Sting …
The extremely corrosive demon cloud did not have an impact on the super-large Bijyudama.
Oversized Bijyudama goes straight through the demon cloud.
Just as the dawn sun’ shines’ on the body of the demon Sun after penetrating the dark clouds.
Bijyudama broke the flesh of the demon Sun and its chest exploded!
The demon Sun, who was hit by the oversized Bijyudama, immediately screamed.
Boom boom …
The explosion made the demon Sun’s body start to roll and finally smashed the back wall.
The 100-meter behemoth smashed towards itself.
Scared the audience into hiding.
But they soon found that the demon Sun’s body was blocked by the barrier put out by the drought.
As a result, the audience was not hit by the evil sun.
This also made the audience secretly relieved.
And wait until all the action dispersed and they immediately looked towards the venue.
The sun is very embarrassed at this time.
Eye it not only lifted the demon body.
Even the king’s body method continues to be maintained
Back to the original size of tens of meters.