They really have never fought such a war.

The enemy holed up in the city, and none of them actually went directly from Yanyun to Shandong!
If he hadn’t been an emperor and a general who dared to fight like this, he would have been sprayed to death by his ministers.
But it happened that he was the emperor who fought the war and couldn’t control his bitter advice and wouldn’t listen.
Yan Hongliang’s eyes are blocked in front of him, and Su Yonglin has Su Yonglin’s main force to turn over Su Yonglin’s main force, and everything will get better.
All the problems will be solved if he attacks and overturns Su Yonglin’s main force!
Yes, just turn over Su Yonglin’s main force!
He continued to persuade himself to be relieved.
He has no mind to wave when he is in the city.
So he sent troops to surround Yucheng again, bypassing Yucheng and continuing south.
On the south bank of the Beiqing River in Licheng and the north bank of the Beiqing River, there is a general of the recovery army in Qihe County, Wei Kexian, who is stationed here with 5,000 troops and Yan Yanliang, so he divided his troops and surrounded Qihe County.
After surrounding the two cities, he was ready to cross the frozen North Qinghe River and attack Licheng directly.
Vanguard reported that Licheng was heavily guarded, and there were also walls in Luokou Town, Fengji Town and Wangsheren Town around Licheng. There were garrisons in several main cities of Licheng. If the army attacked Licheng directly, it would be under attack.
Yan Yanliang sent someone to see Su Yonglin’s fortification in Licheng. Everyone came back looking solemn and told Yan Yanliang that if he stormed, he might not be able to take Licheng even if he smashed the army here.
If the army wants to attack the defenders of more than three towns in the main city of Licheng, it must take care of and always guard against the defenders of Yucheng and Qihe behind them.
It is necessary to move a large number of troops to divide and surround them.
Su Yonglin’s defense is really too tight. It’s like curling up like a hedgehog. It hurts a lot when people touch it.
Yan Hongliang is in a hurry, and the oral ulcer is getting worse. These days, he can drink rice congee and can’t eat anything, which is as bad as killing him.
In a hurry, he had a brainwave and sent someone to send a dress and a letter to Su Yonglin.
In the letter, he scolded Su Yonglin for being a shame and invited him to fight, but he didn’t go out of the city to fight in the field. Like a woman without eggs, he asked Su Yonglin to wear women’s clothes and go home to hold the baby.
This set of women’s clothes is worn by his favorite princess. If Su Yonglin is satisfied, he can wear it. Of course, if Su Yonglin has his own ideas, he can surrender in women’s clothes. If he has fine features and beautiful eyes, he doesn’t mind his spring night once.
Boy, don’t you avoid being a vegetarian?
Su Yonglin looked at Yan Yanliang’s personal letter and the playful expression of the messenger and suddenly had a lot of ideas about Yan Yanliang’s private life.
"Your emperor taste so heavy? Men don’t let go? "
Messenger sneer at one
"Possessed and rich, God can have whatever he wants, whether it’s a man or a woman. Longyang has been quite elegant in ancient times. Why not? I wonder if General Su has such an idea? "
The generals around Su Yonglin were furious, and many people who drew their swords denounced the messengers, and many messengers looked calm and didn’t worry.
Su Yonglin folded the letter and looked at it. She found that it was a gorgeous palace dress, which was elegant in the Central Plains and wild in the North. It looked like Yan Hongliang was a person who would enjoy it.
"Yes, this dress is still good, and the cost should be high. Why don’t you wear it?"
Su Yonglin ourtenant looked at the messenger.
Messenger one leng.
"Let me see if you wear it."
"General Su is joking."
Messenger face turned cold "Daikin emperor hundreds of thousands of troops outside the city waiting for general really is not afraid? This is the last warning to General Su not to mistake others for yourself. "
"If I were afraid, I wouldn’t have rebelled. If I rebelled, I would have rushed forward with my head. When I lost my head, it was normal. I would have let it go."
Su Yonglin waved, "The emissary doesn’t want to wear this beautiful palace costume."
As soon as Su Yonglin made people understand, they immediately laughed and pressed the messenger to the ground, then stripped him naked and changed his women’s clothes.
The messenger exclaimed and struggled hard, but it was fine.
Then Su Yonglin ordered the messenger to be tied into zongzi and taken to Chengtou, and he was stuffed into the net pocket of the trebuchet. He looked at the messenger with frightened eyes and smiled like a demon.
"That’s it. I wrote back. You go first and I’ll send Yan Hongliang to accompany you soon."
Then Su Yonglin tore Yan Hongliang’s letter into pieces and turned to the tower.
The messenger tore his heart out and called him as if he couldn’t hear him.
So the soldiers of the trebuchet group fired the messenger directly out of the city with a full face of evil taste, which made him experience a flying feeling.
The shrill cry came to an abrupt end as the messenger crashed to the ground.
Yan Hongliang watched the messenger who was killed in a women’s dress finally broke out.
"Order to cross the river and attack the city!"
The number of infantry troops is not enough. The cavalry is not good at attacking the city. Then the cavalry will be transferred to the infantry to participate in the siege.
The defenders of Luokou Town, Fengji Town and Wangsherendian Town were surrounded by 8 Jin Army divisions and could not support each other, so Licheng was isolated, and 20,000 troops attacked the main city of Licheng on all sides.
All kinds of siege equipment are deployed in the direction of cattle crossbows and trebuchets, and heavy siege troops are deployed in front of the car. The siege is very powerful on all sides.
The Guangfu Army launched a decisive and resolute counterattack, which was no weaker than the heavy ordnance of the 8 Jin Army. The 8 Jin Army also failed to master the rockets and Raytheon guns to attack the 8 Jin Army, and the 8 Jin Army was completely humiliated.
In a few days, the Jin army was repelled four times without progress.
Yan Hong Liang Nai can make the army camp around Licheng, and put on an immortal posture, which puts extreme pressure on Su Yonglin.
Then write again and shoot the crossbow into the city to make the final surrender-if you pull back from the brink, I’ll keep you alive.
Yan Hongliang said.
Su Yonglin tower clairvoyantly looked at 8 jin j all around to build a camp to long siege posture sneer at.
Sun Yi and Su, whom he sent to Hebei, are absolutely confident that they can turn Hebei upside down and cut off Yan Hongliang’s logistics together with the back road.
That’s it. You still want to attack me for a long time?
Su Yonglin ignored it and made the army stick to it.
Wan Yanliang’s last surrender failed, and he was so angry and desperate that the army besieged Licheng.
And Licheng defense is still as stable as Mount Tai.
After the transformation of Licheng, the wall is tall, the pit is wide and deep, and it is not easy for an army to capture the city. The old, the weak, the women and children have been moved to the southern Taishan Mountains by Su Yonglin’s department to temporarily avoid the presence of troops and militia in the city.