Li Mengyao was embarrassed to let go of Lin Luo’s hand. "Yes, Uncle Li, his name is Lin Luo, and he is my friend from Xuanwu."

Li Diguang nodded and said, "Oh, Lin Luo, what are you?" Li Diguang suddenly changed his face and stared at Lin Luo with a very surprised look.
Lin Luo one leng or Li Mengyao has already told the whole story about her and herself, but looked at Li Mengyao and wondered. Looking at Li Diguang, he said, "It is I who am Lin Luo."
Li Diguang re-examined Lin Luo and heaved a long sigh. "It’s you who killed Lin Luo with ten thousand lingstones in the moon city!"
Lin Luo realized that his fame had spread far and wide in Zhongzhou. It seems that Yu Jia in Yuecheng lost a lot of blood!
"Oh, haha, I am so valuable. Is it the first target to be killed by some killer organizations?" Lin Luo laughed, and 10,000 pieces of Lingshi were a huge fortune for both gangs and families. Just like Li’s huge family, Lin Luo regretted not ransacking all the property of Yu’s family. Yu still had the financial resources to issue such a killing order, but I’m afraid this old man Hu didn’t know that he and Zhu’s family in Suzaku country had life and death, and Chou He Xuan Ming Zongyunfu Sect also had a lot of hatred. If he did, he was definitely worth more than that, but his enemies were unwilling to release the killing order in a big way because of the falling dragon stone. Yu was afraid that he would tear his face and kill himself.
Li Diguang couldn’t help secretly admiring Lin Luo’s youthful courage when he saw Lin Luo still laughing in the face of Yu Jia’s killing order. "I wonder if Lin Daoyou came to my Li family to do something?"
Lin Luo glanced at Li Mengyao’s expectant eyes. "Of course, it’s important, but let’s talk about it again when we meet Li’s patriarch. Let’s solve the immediate problem first."
Hear Lin Luo so say Li Diguang look at Lin Luo look at Li Mengyao eyes immediately guessed a close, but the eyes are showing a special meaning to the gray robe elders make a look.
Aside, the elders in gray robes went to Lin Luo with a gentle face and said, "I am Li Xuanping’s law enforcement protector."
Lin Luo nodded and smiled and said, "I have seen the protector Li."
Li Xuanping said with a smile, "Lin Daoyou has just found out that it is Li Jiu’s fault in Li Jiu. I will deal with it now, such as Li Jiu’s fine for half a year, Li Jiu’s expulsion from Li Zongmen, and compensation for falling to death on the cliff. What do you think?"
One hundred gold feet let the dinking family have a good life. Lin Luo smiled and said, "The law enforcement department rewards and punishes me as an outsider."
Li Jiu’s face is as usual, but Li Jiu is a pale face, and everyone is rejoicing. I didn’t expect the sudden turn to be such a disposal result.
Li Diguang said, "Well, let’s talk in detail."
Lin Luo nodded and then said to a group of people, "Come back and I’ll teach you sometimes."
Han and others naturally don’t give up, but they finally know that Lin Luo and himself are not the same person. Even Miss Li Jiada threw herself at Lin Luo’s back. The original confused dinks suddenly had a goal to be a dinking, so they would be a mighty dinking like Lin Luo …
Chapter 12 Pro
Li Mengyao clung to Lin Luo’s hand and walked all the way to the mountain, twittering to introduce Lin Luo to the scenery along the way. Two elders, Li Diguang and Li Xuanping, looked at the two men holding hands and had a complicated look in their eyes.
Round son smiled and said to the moon, "Sister Moon, you see that Miss Big has been talking more than half a year."
Moon sighs that she doesn’t see the current situation like Yuaner. She can almost foresee that the arrival of Lin Luo will inevitably cause an uproar for Lee, which will affect the whole Tianbao Pavilion pattern, especially this eventful autumn.
Soon everyone reached the peak and looked around. There was a ups and downs in the main peak, and it was serene and quiet in the purple air.
Lin Luo couldn’t help but wonder that only a family with such a rich background can qualify to occupy this place. It’s hard to say that the carved beams and painted buildings in the pavilion tell the story of the family years, and the gatekeepers in the foundation period can’t be underestimated.
The plaque on the outer door of the pavilion reads the Li family in four big characters.
The handwriting is domineering, but Lin Luo seems to take it for granted. There are also people in Zhongzhou who dare to call the Li family here. He is just a sideline.
"Please" Li Diguang acted as a welcome at this time.
Lin Luo strode into this hospital, and I don’t know how many times he went in and out, but it was big and powerful, and the subtleties were also exquisite. The main castle was the first to bear the brunt of the magnificent atmosphere.
After Li Diguang invited Lin Luo into the seat, he ordered to pour tea, while Li Xuanping went directly to the kitchens. It should be that the heads of families went to Lin Luo and sat down with a smile.
While Li Mengyao’s eyes never leave Lin Luo’s figure. There is Lin Luo in the Li Mengyao world at this time.
Li Tian ‘ang first looks at a map, which is a map of Zhongzhou. The map is marked with red dots. The places that the Li family focuses on are impressively basaltic countries, Tianbao Pavilion and semicolons. There are more than seven red dots, 35 blue dots, more than 20 green dots and more than 50 black dots, which occupy almost the whole map of Zhongzhou.
Li Tian-ang sighed lightly. The red dot represents Li Tianbao Pavilion’s control semicolon. The blue dot is Qian’s control semicolon. The green dot is Sun Shi’s control semicolon. The black dot is Scott’s sphere of influence. This map has been in such a situation from the 20th generation patriarch to the 24th generation patriarch. It’s a shame that he still hasn’t made any progress. Now the situation is even more serious, which makes Li Tian-ang have to implement the marriage policy to continue to consolidate Li’s strength.
However, this daughter of mine is not an oil lamp saver. Two years ago, she escaped to Xuanwu, or did she make a trick to cheat her back? But after coming back, this Ni seems to be a different person. Every time I talk to her about marriage, this daughter is like crazy and noisy. The wedding was delayed for a month, and the Zhao family already had opinions. I don’t know how Zhao Jing knew that she had a beautiful daughter, that is, she wanted to marry Li Mengyao and offered a lot of conditions. Zhao Yan, the patriarch, seems to be. I love my children very much. I have come to the Li family for three transgressions and five times, and all the elders in the pro-family are also very optimistic about this marriage. Even the old clan leader is very concerned about this and personally asked about it yesterday.
Li Tian’ ang silently marveled at the Zhao family’s gift, but Tianbaoge was five percent!
It’s the first time since the 20th generation patriarch of Tianbaoge Co., Ltd. was reduced to 10%. How tempting it is to have such a big share rise and have this 5% to make Lee’s strength reach a new level!
"heads! Elder Li Xuanping asks for an audience! " The guard at the door said
Li Tian ‘ang woke up from his thoughts, walked from the side room to the purlin and said "please"
Soon Li Xuanping went to the purlin and leaned down slightly to say "visit the heads of families."
"Li Li, the custodian of the ceremony, is sitting here?" Li Tian Ang took a cup of tea and found that it was cold and frowned and then said "tea"
Li dharma gather together two steps forward a face of weird way "heads to a kiss"
Li Tian ‘ang didn’t notice Li Xuanping’s face, and his face turned slightly bitter. "This Zhao family can’t stop for a while. Come and urge it every now and then."
Li Xuanping, the "patriarch", interrupted the patriarch and said, "Not Zhao"
"oh? Not the Zhao family? " Li Tian ‘ang has a strange expression. Since the Zhao family released the wind to marry the Li family, the original stream has almost stepped through the threshold, and all forces have disappeared. Now there is another kiss. Does this force dare to compete with the Zhao family?
Li Tian ang can’t help but come to the interest. "Which side is it? Is it the Xingyue Palace? Or Suzaku? Is it still the imperial royal family? "
The whole Zhongzhou can compete with the Zhao family. I’m afraid there are the Moon Palace and the mysterious Suzaku Kingdom. If the imperial royal family is involved again, it’s extremely difficult for Li Tian ‘ang to ask this question, and if they give more conditions than the Zhao family, they will have to consider it.
Li Xuanping paused. "No, I don’t know which side is the power, but this person is greatly famous in Zhongzhou."
"who?" Li Tian-ang straightened up and picked up the waiter’s tea, shaking his head and blowing away the small handless tea, taking a leisurely sip.
"Lin Luo"