Five ancestors laughed "keel"

"Dragon … keel?" Luo Yu is startled. Can I have such good things as keel? I came to this secret place to find the dragon’s body. You are old enough to reach out and ask me for it!
But his heart lamented for only a moment and then he suddenly realized!
Then Luo Yu tried to ask, "Bones raft?"
The fifth ancestor must nod his head. "Yes, as soon as you enter the secret realm, you raft those bones, which are the hardest bones left after the dragon died."
Los feather smell andao’ boy! I didn’t expect to find the treasure as soon as I entered the secret realm! But then again, these five ancestors are too big! Know that it’s a keel and throw it at the entrance to the shakotan coast …’
When he called out the white bone raft and put it aside, he pointed to the white bone raft in doubt and asked, "What’s so special about this white bone except that it can float the blood river?" Besides, what can this do even if it is a keel? "
The fifth ancestor is not in a hurry to answer him. After the two vain dragons’ blood is stained with a little blood, he will spill it on the bone raft.
"Boom …!" The rope bandage broke and sounded!
Los feather surprised to see at the moment is dragon blood washing radiant bones raft! Seeing that their thick joints are slowly turning pale, the white bones are as colorful as Fei Yu at the moment, and they are emitting a more powerful and intimidating force! It’s as if the white bones in front of you are like mountains, and the top of the hood makes people feel more insignificant.
See this feather eyes narrowed corners of the mouth "gold and silver jade runwei pressure such as yue didn’t expect is really a keel! Pick up the treasure … "
After the initial excitement, Luo Yu looked back and realized, "Even the keel of the five ancestors can be destroyed by the dragon?" ’
Wu Zuwen sighed and said, "What Wu Zu can do less is to give this dragon blood to you to refine it yourself. When you refine it, the old man will refine the keel and make a magic weapon."
"refining the magic weapon?" Luo Yu was surprised to see the keel scattered all over the floor!
"Yes," the fifth ancestor then pointed to Wei Shang and others who were closing their eyes. "It’s far from enough for them to destroy the dragon’s residual soul. At most, they can work together to check and balance one or two. If you want to completely destroy the dragon’s soul, it’s possible for you to have bones, bones and blood."
Smell this feather also feel reasonable, but his heart is still puzzled. "In this case, the elder didn’t kill the dragon soul early?" It should be easier for seniors to cultivate the realm. "
"No," the Fifth Ancestor waved his hand. "In those days, the old man was ordered by this dragon to guard the mountains and seas. It was not easy to cut it. If there were not a large array of seals, the dragon soul would have escaped from the natural world, but if the sword spirit body could drive the magic weapon?"
"Elder, are you a sword spirit?" Luo Yu didn’t expect that the fifth ancestor was actually a sword spirit!
"It doesn’t matter if it’s only a moment …" The fifth ancestor obviously didn’t want to say more about it. He nodded and sighed, "Now that you’re here, young master, refining dragon blood should be quite smooth. It’s a godsend to kill the dragon soul machine!"
"Predecessors …" Luo Yu hesitated and said, "I’m afraid I can’t drive the magic even if I get it …"
Ranging from Luo Yu to Wu Zu, it is called a smile. "The abdomen is abolished, and the cause and effect are all accidents! Cann’t the old sword spirit body also have a sword meaning? Remember that the sword in your hand is always a foreign object, and you can turn Wan Jian with a sword in your heart. "
Although Luo Yu said to the five ancestors that’ the sword spirit body can also be vertical and horizontal’, it feels like nonsense! Of course, the sword spirit is vertical and horizontal! However, he still agrees with the second half of Wu Zu’s speech and is grateful at the same time.
"Xie elder advice" Luo Yu said and made a gift.
But the fifth ancestor is slightly sideways, obviously unwilling to be subjected to the gift of Luo Yu.
Not only that, but he also stopped him from saying, "Young master, thank me. When your memory wakes up, you will naturally know more old and simple words, but only a little fur."
See this Luo Yu also get it.
See the fifth ancestor and then said, "When the keel device comes out, there will be a real dragon and two spirits, so it is necessary to send a spirit into this keel, and the dragon magic can be refined with the awakening of the little master. It is a homologous drive, which is bound to get twice the result with half the effort."
"So that’s it." I heard the five ancestors say that Luo Yu secretly nodded and firmly remembered the heart.
Then the two of them acted separately, and the five ancestors naturally sacrificed the magic of refining the keel, while Luo Yu sat down while holding the vain dragon’s blood lightly, and his eyes showed longing.
Stay calm and calm, Luo Yu lifted the drop of dragon jingxie gently with his palm and sank into his mouth.
"Boom ~!" Like a muffled thunder exploding from the body!
Los feathers feel like being branded by Wan Lei and shaking up unconsciously! The whole body is full of blood gas, and I feel that there is a flood force running around like a dragon stirring the sea, burning his meridians at will! The bones seem to break inch by inch and give off unbearable fission!
Not far from the side, Wu Zuwen looked back and woke up with a loud voice, "Little Lord, if you stabilize your mind and know the sea, you can suffer, and then it is the nectar of nature."
At this moment, Luo Yu’s whole body is already shining, and his skin is faint and bloody, sweating like rain, like a volcanic eruption! His silver teeth clenched and he couldn’t say a word. He kept his mind and knew the sea as the fifth ancestor told him.
As for Luo Yu’s refining of the real dragon Jingxue, the mysterious and white fish dragon patterns on his arms are colorful and flashing, and Guanghua seems to be vivid as a dragon swimming.