Wu Di thoughtfully turned to Qin Yu for a long time. "What do you think?"

Qin Yu glanced at Wu Di and slowly got up with a straight face and replied, "I have to make two things clear."
"You said" Wu Di nodded.
"First, since it is close, everyone should be honest." Qin Yu looked down at Wu Di’s words and said clearly, "But you secretly let people incite the masses to March but didn’t say hello to me before. If you ask me, I won’t agree to this."
Wu Di is silent while Yelin is frowning and speaking in good faith to interrupt "Xiaoyu is not a decision made by Wu Di but by our head office".
"I didn’t say it was Wu Di, I said it was the whole team, including your head office, of course." Qin Yu replied briefly.
Everyone smells silence.
Qin Yu continued to open his mouth after a pause and said, "Second, I can’t abandon the messenger at any time. Don’t ask us to do such a thing."
Wu Di picked up the glass and took a sip of it.
Qin Yu took a step and walked outside. "I will deal with the rest, but you have to deal with Ma Laoer and Xu Yang and give me a reasonable result."
Say that finish Qin Yu pushed the door and walked out of the box.
Brother Feng looked up at Woody and said, "He is already in a mood."
Wu Di put a glass of water and briefly responded, "I’ll go out and talk to him alone."
a few minutes later
a storied building
Wu Di turned to Qin Yu by car and said, "Do you think I am the same person as Xiaosan?"
Qin Yu glanced at him and replied in a low voice, "I think there is a problem. It is better to say that it is better than hiding it in my heart."
Wu Di sighed and stretched out his palm to count and said, "A pharmaceutical factory needs to be built and involves dozens of teams such as officialdom and ground. I am really the leader and the helm, but I can’t satisfy everyone. Are you white?"
Qin Yu was stuck.
"For example, I don’t agree with the parade, but if you don’t do it, there will be no one attacking Lao Xu. If his interests can’t be met, the project will not give you a green light." Wu Di patted Qin Yu on the shoulder and said softly, "You put yourself in another’s shoes. If it is you, how do you choose?"
Qin Yu didn’t reply with his head down.
"I can’t guarantee that I am better than mistress, but I can guarantee that I will try my best to do things humanely." Wu Di said very seriously, "So don’t think too well of me, because you will be disappointed, but don’t think too badly of me because I’m not that bad."
"Alas," Qin Yu sighed and turned to look out the window. "I see what you mean."
"Qin Yu, I chose to support you because I have observed it for a long time, and I was taken to prison by a mistress." Wu Diqing added, "You also have a snack and observe me well."
Qin Yu hesitated and nodded his head.
At 7: 30 in the morning, at the north south exit.
A dozen police cars entered smoothly after submitting the formalities.
Xu Yang was handcuffed and looked around by car.
The captain of the second team of Yuan District Superintendent took the co-pilot and bowed his head and picked up the words.
"hello? Brother Hehe is a person I caught. "The second captain said cheerfully," You can come directly to the superintendent later to help us make a record. You have to come because they got the news of Mrding from you. It’s a part of the evidence chain … Oh, it’s okay. Everyone can’t get away. "
Xu Yang looked at the second captain in amazement when he heard this, and instantly confirmed his thoughts.
"See you later, sergeant. Thank you for your trouble. I will thank you in person when the case is ready. Well, that’s it." The second captain took the words and chatted for a while before pressing the hang-up button.
Xu Yang looked up at the second captain and suddenly opened his mouth and said, "Mr. Tian?"
The second captain looked back at Xu Yang with disdain. "Hehe, you react very quickly!"
Xu Yang heard this response for a long time.
"Xu Yang, how long have you been with Qin Yu?" The second captain suddenly asked 1
Xu Yang didn’t reply.
"I’ll calculate an account for you!" The second captain took the words and said with a smile on his face, "Mrding, after the superintendent thoroughly spits out, you arrested people will be killed in minutes. Oh, and Kuan, have you dealt with it? Have you calculated how many years you will be sentenced as soon as his case is turned out? "
Xu Yang frowned and remained silent.
"Yes, yes, yes, and after the bad things of Dinghui Company are uncovered, you may be qualitatively supported or organized riots." The second captain licked his lips and said huskily, "I am responsible for telling you whether you want a court stay of death or a start of death penalty or a standard sentencing."
"What are you trying to say?"
"One, if you want to bite Qin Yu, I will pick you out." The second captain took out his cigarette case and said loosely, "You and he also know that it won’t be long before you will give yourself a position as a loyal minister. What do you say? "
Chapter 51 This is forced killing
Xu Yang froze for a long time and suddenly smiled and asked, "Do you want to divide us?"
The second captain was immediately stuck when he heard this.
"Do you want me to vomit and then use my mouth to scare Ma Laoer and Cai Xuxu?" Xu Yang stared at the second captain and said softly, "I knew your interrogation routine when I was on the ground."
The second captain frowned at the smell.
"There’s still a chance to hold a group, and everyone will die," Xu Yang said gently. "I’m not a child. I’ll listen to whatever you say."
Second captain narrowing her eyes "what do you think I play with you? That you a condition we study a "
"You let me bite Qin Yu, but let me go first," Xu Yang asked with a crooked neck. "Can you make decisions?"
"Ha ha!"
The second captain stretched out his hand and touched his head when he heard this. "You don’t listen well when I speak well of you."
"You are so stupid to think of people," Xu Yang replied loosely. "I don’t say anything. You don’t necessarily have proof, but I’m going to throw up. Doesn’t that mean admitting your crime and sentencing yourself?"
The second captain suddenly slammed his hand and punched Xu Yang in the face. "You are a little shameless!"
Xu Yang was hit on the head and leaned back with a nose of instantaneous bleeding.
The second captain pointed to Xu Yang and said slowly, "Do you think you still have a chance? Then I’ll show you how you guys were sentenced to death in the north. "
Xu Yang raised his arm and wiped his nose. "I’m waiting."