Los feather insipid as usual is looking at three people.

Ruqian frowned and thought Ruwanyan’s face was excited, while Zhang Wuze worried, "… there are many scattered mountains and seas, but it’s also wonderful to plan like a fragmented brother. How can we be humble?"
Before Zhang Wu finished, Luo Yu had revealed a confident smile. "This is also my concern, but Dan Lao is refining Taiyi Magic Yuan and then you will …"
"This how line …?" Ruqian son urgent way "this is Dan old self-defense preparation for you"
"Hinder" Luo Yu so-called points to Xuanlongying’s self-confidence. "I have Xuanlongying, and it is difficult for me to protect myself. Even if there is danger, I can display sword domain. Instead, you are steep and want to act quickly …"
Said Luo Yu looked at Ru Wanyan and told him, "Wanyan, your medicine garden, teacher younger brother Zhang, can also be a crystal when necessary."
Ruwanyan’s look was a solemn gesture of "in case of loss"
See this feather and look at RuQian son smiled "Qian son elder sister that although you don’t have much danger but to cooperate with teacher younger brother zhang will be hidden …"
"Rest assured" RuQian son beautiful smile.
Finally, Luo Yu looked at Zhang Wu with a firm look. He stretched out his hand and patted Zhang Wu’s shoulder. "Teacher Zhang, you should be careful before you act."
See Zhang Wu nodded deeply, Luo Yu looked at the three people and smiled, "I will cooperate with you to solve the needs of Dan medicine. Soon after Dan Lao then becomes a success, we will hope that the reunion will be the five elements of heavy earthquake."
Said Luo Yu held out his palm and sang "Immortality is your life, crossing the peak, being firm but gentle, living forever".
Three people smell all look solemn and put out a hand sonorous echo.
Four palms combined, heaven and earth learn from each other.
Three days later
Zhang Wu left without saying goodbye, and then Ruqian son left without saying goodbye, but before Wei Dagong went to ask Ruwanyan what was going on, Ruwanyan also left silently for a while.
Yaoyuan seems to have become a lot colder.
Wei Shang kept asking Luo Yu back to him, saying that the medicine garden was rare and comfortable, but they were members of the Five Elements Sect. Then Wei Shang stopped asking more questions and studied Dan Dao with Dan Lao.
In this rare and comfortable day, Luo Yu learned a message from Wei Dingyan, the patriarch of Wei, which made him see a glimmer of hope for his recovery!
It turns out that many years ago, Lu Yinrong, a moon-closing fairy, followed the teacher, that is, the master of Wangyue Sect, Qingyue Sanren Yueqing, who visited the fairy Sect to seek a miraculous cure for Lu Yinrong’s eyes.
Talking about the full moon, the patriarch has been to a strange man!
It is said that when they were looking for ways to visit Xuantianzong in the north, they happened to meet a man outside the flower valley at the foot of Tianshan Mountain. His words and deeds were perverse and unruly, and he knew the world in his own clothes. He knew the world by sitting in a pool pavilion, and he knew what was going on. If you meet by fate, you can tell him why, but he didn’t say anything …
When the month patriarch was curious and asked, he didn’t think that the clothes knew the world and said half a sentence, "The tears of the dust closed to the north" and disappeared.
Shortly thereafter, Lu Yinrong really fell in love with each other and got married secretly! In the end, Yun Jian’s wandering away from home called "No dust can come out when the moon is closed", as if he had somehow answered this proverb!
Others know that Lu Yinrong, a wanderer in the sea of clouds and the sword buried in the south of Yun Jian, is saddened by this … But they don’t know that Yun Jian South went to the far north to find Xuanshui according to Dan Lao’s instructions!
So the clothes know the world in one word, and it’s simply a fortune teller in the fix-true world!
And he learned that the fruit of Fusang can be cured before, but he didn’t know the east of Fusang? If you go to the Tianshan Mountains in the north to find the clothes to know the world!
After learning this news, Luo Yu decided to look for the strange man, Yi Zhixian, in the north.
Wei Shang didn’t go with him on this trip because he was obsessed with’ Hundred Flowers’ and loved Dan Dao. Wei Dagong insisted on staying with Dan Lao to learn then. Moreover, Wei Shang felt his breakthrough, that is, it was the key moment!
As a result, Luo Yu set foot on the northbound road of "asking for a sign and asking for advice" alone!
Liuheguan in Zhaowangdu
Looking at the stone gate that has been closed for several days.
Guanglong, the Buddhist, seemed extremely anxious. He wandered around and wondered if it was good.