There are no other students in the class today.

There are more than 100 auxiliary students in their freshman year.
Students sitting in the classroom do not seem to have thought of such a situation.
Because according to the schedule, today’s class.
It should be a mixed public class.
When the students discussed this doubt with each other
They assisted Lego, a freshman counselor, to come in.
Lego went to the podium and looked at the platform to help the freshmen.
In the past, hippies rarely showed a serious expression.
"Students, I’ll borrow you for a few minutes before class and have a few words with you …"
Listening to Lego’s serious tone and noisy class suddenly became quiet.
When the class is quiet, Lego is ready.
"Students, some of you have come to the wild and some have come to the wild to unite with other cities."
"So you may not know what the hunting season in October means to our famine every year."
"That means … counting blood and death."
As soon as this remark was made, the students’ expressions in the middle of China’s great drought did not change.
But many expressions of the students in the League have become ugly.
Compared with the students who live in a wild life,
Life League students are equivalent to life wars.
The difference between the two is still very obvious from this moment.
And Liu Yuan just learned about the hunting season from Tina.
There is no change in expression.
Lego looked at the crowd and then said, "According to the regulations of the college, freshmen are not allowed to participate in the battle in the wild hunting season."
"This is not only to protect students, but also because you still have a lot to learn in freshman year."
"Rushing into that kind of fierce battlefield is likely to kill you in vain."
"But in addition to the school regulations, our auxiliary college also has an unwritten rule."
"that is, students with therapeutic ability, even freshmen, are encouraged to join the hunting season in our college."
"Because the auxiliary students fight differently, you don’t need to join the fierce frontal battlefield."
"You need to stay behind to benefit your healing ability and help the wounded soldiers at the front."
"Students who volunteer to join the hunting season will be rewarded a lot."
"Of course, it’s an unwritten rule that students don’t have to participate in hunting season."
"After all, the battlefield is changing rapidly, and even the rear can’t guarantee a certain security."
"If you are in the battlefield, you may encounter danger."
"Whether to join the hunting season depends on the students themselves, although I personally hope that the students can contribute their own strength."
"After all, it is very likely that you will get multiple fresh lives."
"I will wait at the door for a while, and students who are willing to join this hunting season can come to the door to find me."
"It’s okay if you don’t want to. Just pretend I haven’t been here today."
Lego left the classroom and walked to the door.
While the classroom is quiet.
But at this moment, the two figures got up almost at the same time.