Originally, it was nothing, but Lu Li never thought that it was his mistake to have a windfall.

At this moment, the distracting force from the right heart urges Yi Muling to spread the detection wave as far as possible, hoping to detect more information.
However, doing so requires a lot of aura of Ebony, which is still shallow at present. Although it is better than his brothers and sisters, it is still powerful enough to maintain this continuous diffusion detection wave.
Soon after leaving the house, the spread of detection waves will soon stop.
At this time, those bamboo roots covered by the off-land detection wave gushed out tiny reiki, and many a mickle makes a mickle poured into the off-land body to help him maintain the normal operation of the E-wood spirit tactic and gained a lot of reiki.
In this way, the problem of lack of strength after being away from home has to be solved, and he immediately felt relieved to continue to push the detection wave to spread rapidly around.
The spread of the detection wave needs a lot of reiki to maintain, and the area covered by the detection wave is timely reiki, which is a clever balance point for him to use the reiki of the bamboo body to push the detection wave to extend all the time and obtain all the information of the coverage area.
Mastering this, I suddenly flashed a thought in my heart to gradually increase the number of detection waves. Each bamboo leaves an access point to facilitate its own absorption of the aura of Ebony.
At the same time, it also differentiated more detection waves to detect all suspicious things in the bamboo forest, and received a lot of information that came into my mind.
When detecting the convergence of information, slowly move away in the process.
I don’t know how long it took to spread the detection wave to every corner of the Cuizhu Sect and found several special places.
The first is that the purple bamboo forest is separated from the land. At present, the detection wave is bounced as soon as it arrives there, as if there is a defense there.
The second is that the residence of the two elders of Aoki seems to have a defensive barrier, and it is still a forced breakthrough.
Thirdly, the Cuizhu Sect is located in the Cuixuan Peak, occupying a third of the territory, and the intersection of the Cyclone Sect and Cangshan Sect also has a defense barrier, and the land-based detection wave also penetrates.
There is also a barrier near the Cuihua Hall on the top of the fourth Cuixuan Peak.
The information obtained from the analysis gives us a face-to-face understanding of the whole Cuizhu Sect, and at the same time, we have a new understanding of the formula of B-wood spirit. At this moment, we have risen to a higher level, from the junior saint to the senior saint.
In addition, Lu Li also has a new understanding of detecting wave transport, from simple aura detection to the integration of spirit and matter
Not only can aura alone detect the surrounding conditions, but also can integrate the aura of ebony into the bamboo medium in the bamboo to perceive or detect the surrounding conditions.
After mastering this skill, Lu Li did not stop, but continued to urge the Yi Mu Ling tactic to recover the redundant detection waves and concentrate on absorbing the Yi Mu aura of Cuizhu to strengthen self-cultivation.
Chapter 24 Transform frequency
In this period, the progress of land separation is very rapid, and a large number of reiki moisturizes the physique, and some changes have taken place, but there is no further breakthrough.
Qian Shan’s myriad waters seem ordinary, but in fact they contain wonderful nature, which has brought great changes to Lu Li’s body and enabled him to recover quickly.
These departures did not mean that he was attracted by the magic of detecting waves at the moment.
Originally, we absorbed the aura and strengthened the detection waves connected with bamboo trees, and returned different information, including the age, size, height and growth of each bamboo.
I am not interested in this information, so I will just screen it out in my mind and sort out his information to see if I can find out what I have.
After screening, I was exposed to a strange message, and the reaction was that a few bamboos were sick.
There is nothing strange about this, but when the curiosity turns, the information rushes into my mind and takes away a handful of consciousness.
I chose a bamboo tree at random and entered the bamboo part along the detection wave, and soon found out that the cause of illness was bamboo worms.
When we find out the reason, it is inevitable that the worm will come into contact and there will be a strange communication between the two sides.
It was this exchange that made Lu Li realize that the original detection wave was far more complicated than expected.
Tonight, it seems to be a coincidence that everything seems to be going smoothly in the bamboo forest that drives the Yi Muling tactic and transports the detection wave.
The reason for this is that the aura absorbed by the cultivation of the Cuizhu Sect on weekdays also comes from these Cuizhu.
Lu Li did not exclude the detection wave from the bamboo body. In terms of Lu Li, he succeeded in integrating the detection wave into the bamboo body and sensing the external situation through the bamboo is an innovation and a success.
But in fact, this can be regarded as a coincidence, because his ebony aura originally came from these bamboos.
There was a mistake in understanding this point, and it was not until I met the bamboo worm that I suddenly realized it.
The bamboo leaves the earth without consciousness, and the insect keeps in contact. Unfortunately, the frequency of the two sides is inconsistent, and no one can understand what the other side is saying, but it is difficult to communicate.
Later, Lu Li seemed to realize something and tentatively adjusted his consciousness frequency. Who wanted to try it and succeeded?
At this time, it suddenly dawned on me that the original detection wave also has frequencies, and different frequencies need to be carried for different things.
I am very excited to master this point. I am very excited to adjust the frequency of detection waves while communicating with insects, so that each detection wave has a different frequency. Once again, I have made a detailed detection of the bamboo show.
This time, Lu Li received some new situations, including the slight difference in the aura of each bamboo.