It’s not that the coachman is different. The coachman is wearing a rustic fur coat, but when he saw his eyes, Aphrodite remembered that he was one of the hunters hiding around North Street. This time he played a coachman and there was a hint of ferocity in his eyes.

Aphrodite wanted to climb over the terrace and leave North Street quietly …
Seeing this scene, her strong curiosity dominated her and quietly fell behind the balcony railing to observe the surroundings.
123 ….. She counted the number of the hidden hunters one by one and found that the group of hidden hunters were actually present tonight. It was snowing so hard and there were no other pedestrians at the street root at night. These people’s eyes were full of malice and excitement, which made her think that tonight would probably be different.
Surdak leaned in from the side and asked her what to see. Aphrodite did not hesitate to tell Surdak what she had observed these days.
"You mean these people want to kidnap Mrs. Dorothy?"
Surdak some gaping at Aphrodite.
I’m afraid this succubus doesn’t know Mrs. Dorothy’s surname. Her name suffix has the word’ Newman’. The whole name of Newman in Bena Province is equivalent to the royal family.
The Grand Duke of Newman, Bena Province, speaks with more execution than the Emperor Charles of the Green Empire.
What force thinks so and wants to attack Mrs. Dorothy!
"Do you know that …?" She pointed to the room with thick curtains and asked
"I played cards with her magic airship," Surdak honestly admitted.
"Is it playing cards?" Aphrodite smiled vaguely.
Surdak gave her a primly look.
Aphrodite immediately changed her tone and said, "Are you friends? She seems to be in danger tonight. Do you want to wake her up? "
Surdak looked out of the street again. Everything was all right.
He doesn’t have the succubus’s facial expression that he can see through the night and the pedestrians at such a distance.
Surdak hesitated before saying, "I don’t know her very well. Let’s take a look again. Do you think this group of people will be responsible for protecting her in this area …"
Aphrodite raised her eyebrows and immediately expressed her dissatisfaction. "You are questioning a succubus’s perception of danger!"
A thick layer of snow has fallen on the terrace, and it’s a little cold. Her mouth is full of white gas.
Looking at Surdak and focusing on Aphrodite in North Street, he paused for a moment and then said, "Really … I really want to know what they want to do after so long preparation."
Say that finish, she quietly toward sur tak side by the by.
The lights in the penthouse lit up, and golden acorns were burning in the fireplace in the room. The room was not only warm and fragrant, but also smelled a unique aroma of acorns. Mrs. Dorothy and the handsome young man were lying on a piece of earth bear fur, and both of them were holding goblets filled with golden apple wine. The handsome young man listened quietly to Mrs. Dorothy’s anecdotes about the parliament.
A group of hidden hunters in Snow Street are waiting for the best opportunity around the townhouse.
Little did they know that Surdak and Aphrodite, sitting behind the fence on a terrace opposite the hotel, also watched all this curiously.
Cagle Coward wolfed down a meat pie and carefully sucked the grease from each finger.
He took out a rotten handkerchief, wiped his mouth meticulously, and poured a pot of hot broth into his stomach, which immediately satisfied his stomach.
The pie is delicious, and he knows who sent it. Although the waiter said it was a baron, he was not stupid enough to invite him to a dinner with meat.
He felt that the black wizard must have noticed him, and this meat pie should have been sent by the black wizard, probably to warn him not to mind his own business.
He doesn’t flinch easily when threatened. Now that he has been discovered by the other side, such a dark wizard is still quite dangerous, so he decides to report to the guard camp immediately.
Chapter 59 Hakodate 2
The carved wooden door of the guard camp hall in Bena City was pushed from the outside.