"Don’t worry, I have to go. This time, the levy and broadcast state is a game against a corner. There is no reason not to win. It is different from how to fight and win this war. It is necessary to play beautifully to subdue his toast in order to realize the proposition that if the court doesn’t play well enough in this war, it will be difficult for those toasts to unite in a line to change their soil. Besides, you expect your brother to win the meritorious military service through this war. If I don’t go to this handsome man, who will hang up? It’s not pleasing to the eye for civil servants to see that these noble brothers don’t work. They don’t learn to bow and horse ancestors for many years, and 100% of them may not be left in a pot with civilian urine. Maybe they will turn victory into defeat. Besides, whether the key is civil servants or noble ministers, they can’t let go of their hands and feet. Some things can only be done thoroughly if I go. "

Shen Wanying vaguely felt that her husband was going to do something that caused widespread indignation and discontent this time, but since he didn’t want to say that he shouldn’t ask about innuendo, "You have made such a great contribution and it’s time to make some mistakes and find something wrong with yourself, otherwise you will make the new gentleman feel at home after you have been rewarded?" But I still can’t bear to let you go, and I don’t want to be separated from "xianggong". This time, we agreed not to let the Yang women in Bozhou stay at home with me when they come back. I don’t care about that Zheng Siyan thing. Anyway, there are rules and regulations, and he can’t take away my son’s things. In the future, let dad do something. He will get another shadow seal to prevent Liu from suffering, but it’s hard for me to discuss whether to go to the Shu Dao or not. I know that the roads there are difficult to broadcast, and the natives are fierce and can fight
"Good lady, you don’t want so much. Think about how many battles you fought before and after" xianggong "and how many powerful demons you destroyed? It’s not the same as the success of World War I, but a small broadcast state may not be as strong as it is. Can your husband and wife be compared with the officers and men of the imperial court? We have more equipment and enough money. The key is that we don’t cook our own monarch’s first thing. We rely on the real money and the Yang family’s accumulation of Bozhou land. I can’t believe that we can’t win this group of Bozhou natives. It’s not that I was really in charge of the war. I saved my life and destroyed duzhangman that year. That was when I was waiting for a big fire, those barbarians were killed all the way to Yunnan, and even the Duke of Guizhou was shocked by this temper. We both promised to win a big victory and even your death would rise when I came back. "
"I don’t want to be killed. I want my" xianggong "to accompany me every day and tell me that it’s better to go around fooling around, eating, drinking and having fun with a group of maids and make them cry and complain to me than not to see anyone for months."
I finally fell asleep, but my eyes were red and swollen. "My husband is so eccentric. Generally, you can get a favor here after being apart for so long. The handmaiden waited outside in the middle of the night but didn’t even drink the soup. It’s not like my husband said that a bowl of water is fair and impartial."
It was only when Zheng Guobao slipped out of bed to severely attack Yuzhu that he was satisfied. "That’s it. It’s often said that it’s better to steal than to sneak around. My husband is interested in me. This time I will have a child and I will be a mother."
The two women in the family have to sort out a clue before they can go to the trial of a whale. The Wei Li means that everyone knows that there are several whales in their hearts, so they ask what to answer, what to give, and "I will put down whoever you want me to put down, whether it is in Beijing or anywhere."
In the end, not only did Zhang Whale set up a secret stronghold outside Beijing, but all the chess pieces were dug out in the green forest. Looking at the mouth Wanli was livid, "It’s damn that the old eunuch dared to bully you like this."
In recent years, Zhang Whale has cultivated a powerful force. If he hadn’t put all his attention on intercepting Zheng Guobao, but brought all the troops to Beijing, the loyalist would even want most of his hands and feet. The more he looked at it, the more he felt that Zhang Whale deserved to die, and those disobedient civilians deserved to die.
"Brother, you always say that the Royal Guards are sharp knives. Why don’t you chop off these heads and ask them to beg for work this time?"
"It’s true that this matter involves too many ministries and officials. If we really want to chase after six ministries, none of them can get away with it. This is tantamount to forcing them to be in line with the court. If we let these people unite, they will be obedient to the Bozhou thief. When I see these people, I will kill them in several parts, flow them in batches, demote them in batches and keep them in batches, and encourage them to report and expose them. If they are active, they can forgive their sins. I guarantee that they will not be able to unite if they don’t believe each other. We will deal with whoever we want."
Chapter four hundred and forty Counterinsurgency (5)
Zheng Guobao knew that it was terrible to unite these people after the Blackwood Cliff Incident, but once these civil servants were disintegrated, it was not difficult to clean them up. After all, the biggest feature of these civil servants is that they are resourceful and indecisive, but they still talk about less. If they sit and talk about reason and find reasons, everyone is good at it. Anyone can advocate seeking help from others and find out several theoretical supports by themselves. But once they are allowed to do things, these people are too clever to learn, and they can’t cause problems, which is fully reflected. Especially, they still have the habit of trying to do others. This accusation and atonement order-most of these people have inferred that their colleagues will definitely report themselves, so they can report their opponents first, otherwise they will be in vain. People who have this idea naturally cannot form a best friend to advance and retreat together, and then they will have no soil to harm the court as they did in the past.
Wanli nodded and said, "In my opinion, I really want to push out these heartless things, cut down my wife and daughter, and let others know what the crime is, but it makes sense for my brother to say that I will give them a chance to see if they will do it or not, and they will have a schedule. Whoever dares to oppose me again this time will make them look good."
Sure enough, after the palace will come out, the cabinet three assistants smiled at each other, and Xu Guo surrendered. "Shen Weng recruited a good son-in-law, and it was really good to use good means and good tricks. Those people are even busy thinking about their colleagues’ shortcomings and finding fault with everyone. It is not easy to join forces to advance and retreat together."
"There’s nothing wrong with Xiao Cong. He’s a handsome man. He’s really qualified, but fortunately he’s an old son-in-law. Otherwise, you and I are afraid there’s nothing good to eat." He said politely and secretly laughed. Don’t you think about the old records when I don’t know? This time, I’ll let you know who wants to sit here again. It’s best to see if you can provoke my son-in-law first.
The only thing that surprised Zheng Guobao’s Wanli was that the Great Dynasty never lacked death squads, especially accused Tianfang of being such a desperate man. Even after such a great change, some people jumped out of the flag and rarely opposed the Bozhou War. The neutrality of the military division was from Sichuan. From the geographical point of view of Sichuan, he fully expounded that the Shu Road was difficult, the imperial court’s trench transportation was inconvenient, and how much difficulty this war would add to the Sichuan people. He also demonstrated from a historical point of view that the five divisions and seven surnames were like pacifying Bozhou. In the twenty-ninth century, it has been like the local natives who are kind to each other, making Bozhou prosperous. Compared with the local officials, these local officials are unpopular. Finally, they hope that the emperor will think twice and solve the problem of Bozhou through propaganda and care, instead of arbitrarily moving the war. It is best to continue to rule and be kind and not arrogant.
While several censors in Douchayuan don’t care about military affairs, and they don’t care about winning or losing. They are involved in suppressing and broadcasting people. What’s so expensive in these people’s eyes? This kind of hereditary neglect of nobility shouldn’t be in the world, let alone let them make contributions and win the military honor. Zheng Guobao, a humble dude, and a well-dressed martial minister led the troops. It’s even more unreasonable to expect the emperor to take back his life and reassign him. It’s best to pay for this treasury money by Tang. It’s nothing to do with greatness.
It’s hard to argue that Rao is Wanli, Zhang Juzheng’s Gaudi, and I don’t know how to learn from and refute the teacher’s good example. General Dahan and the civil servants with the scepter were killed outside the noon gate several times in one breath, and then they were all pointed out by the Royal Guards that the memorial was paid for broadcasting state gold, but it was notorious. Those ministers finally knew that it would be unwise for the imperial court to move a real fire and then throw a moth into the fire.
When you go to the imperial court, you can distinguish 369 and so on according to the severity of the crime. For those ministers, Li Shida and other three ministers have all been sentenced to property acquisition and stabbing Leizhou. They have all gone to the south, and there are more than a dozen hall officials who have lost their heads. On the contrary, a few small officials can’t attract everyone’s attention to Zheng Guobao’s policy of not making martyrs. The public charges are either bribery or stealing rations and embezzling the state treasury. These people are always discredited and can’t get it. They have always wanted to be known as a part of the bureaucrats who are not deeply involved, and they will quietly deal with it in the way of demotion, relocation and relegation. At the same time, the pro-Zheng official Zheng Niangniang’s court power has been further expanded
The Royal Guards in the streets and lanes are also interested in spreading rumors to completely corrupt the names of these ministers. All kinds of rumors spread like wildfire in the capital, forming a new wave of public opinion. At the same time, Zheng Guobao presided over the confiscation of the property of officials such as Zhang Whale. The handlers benefited a lot from it, and a part of the property was dazzling transferred to the state treasury, which still made Wanli angry. The stolen dirty silver was enough to support the campaign of broadcasting the state. "The old eunuch dared to embezzle so much silver behind my back." Brother Liang, it’s really a pity that you should choose some of the best executioners for me this time. I’ll let the old slave suffer and scream for a few days before he dies, and none of the Zhang clan will feel better. "
After all, Zhang Whale made a lot of contributions to the imperial court, especially in fund-raising. We still have to make a difference and get cold in his heart, advised Zheng Guobao. Face-dressing people always do things well, especially eunuchs like Zhang Whale. His only pleasure is money. If he is not allowed to get the benefits, what spirit can he have when he works? Now, Zhang’s father-in-law has lost Zhang’s father-in-law, Mr. Zhang. If you are too hard on Zhang whale and are afraid of Mr. Zhang, you should also worry about your situation. If you are timid, you will miss the important events in the family. "
Wanli nods, "Since Brother intercedes so much, even if the old dog is lucky, I’ll let him go. I’ll send some women from his clan to the teaching workshop and send them to the distant place to banish the troops. Do you want to kill a whale? He can’t change his death in the year. I don’t know who will continue to broadcast the state in the future. Although Mr. Zhang is loyal, he can’t give him a seat. Brother, why don’t you provoke the factory guards together?"
The adjustment of eunuchs in the East Factory is a routine, but it is not unshakable. In those days, when Zhengde was in power, Jiang Bin once adjusted the East Factory and took care of the factory guards together. Wanli advocated that Zheng Guobao should take the responsibility of adjusting the security in the name of the East Factory, while Luo Sigong was the nominal head. Actually, the factory guards could not fall into Zheng Guobao’s hands. Since the Whale Incident, Wanli was not too worried about the eunuch. If the eunuch could not be the emperor’s eyes, ears and pawns, it would lose its value. Compared with his brother, it was more in his own interest to
"It’s not too late to talk about everything until I destroy Bozhou first."
"Brother, if you are in charge, but you don’t complain less, I remember that my words are always right for Bozhou. We can still play Bozhou 10 times, but we can’t even afford to lose once. It doesn’t matter if you cherish yourself. If you have a mistake, I won’t have a good day. A whale will be sentenced in two days. You can ask him instead of me to see how miserable he is."
Chapter four hundred and forty-nine Western expedition
Wanli put it another way: a winner wants to see if Zhang Whale looks miserable like a loser. It is better to live than die. Only in this way can he show his victory as a king. Criminals like Zhang Whale can’t be seen as outsiders. He said that Zheng Guobao has both imperial life and a royal guard. Who can stop him?
Zhang Whale Prison is the worst and darkest place in the imperial prison. It is wet all the year round, and there is no sunshine. The dialogue is convenient. The Royal Guards specially ordered many oil lamps to barely see people. There are no beds in this room, and there is a pile of haystacks in the corner, which is a rest place.
After knowing that Zhang Whale’s martial arts skills are high, the first thing to do is to pick out his big tendons and turn him into a basket case. Once Zhang Whale’s kung fu is gone, the whole person also becomes weak and has no spirit. See Zheng Guobao, Zhang Whale barely holds up and sits up. "What’s the matter, my uncle? It’s the will of heaven to see how miserable the old slave is." This is what I did before I lived. This is also karma. I have done too many bad things in those years, and now I should suffer. "
Zheng Guobao didn’t pick him up. He told the jailer to "prepare some good wine and meat and I’ll have two drinks with Zhang Gonggong."
When a whale shivered, he put a chopstick in his mouth and chewed it for a long time, but he still spit it out. "I can’t eat my teeth, and my gums are full of blood. When the meat is ground, it hurts. I can’t eat anything." He grabbed the cup and even drank a few glasses of wine. "I don’t even want to see this broken wine in the past. Now I can’t drink it if I don’t want to."
"Father-in-law Zhang, to tell the truth, if I had fallen into your hands, I would have been even worse off than you are now. I’m not going to pity you. You can say that you found it yourself."
"Who said not? I heard that my nephew was eventually sentenced to exile in Yunnan, but I still have to thank my uncle for keeping his word. You are better than me. If we change places, I won’t keep this promise and leave a scourge to take revenge on me in the future. "
"What is he a scourge? If I’m afraid of such a person, do I still sleep every day? I clean up salt merchants, smell incense, magic straight women, Bozhou people, Mongols, local tyrants and gentry from all over Shaanxi. I’m afraid I won’t be able to offend more people. This is called more lice, more debt, and I don’t worry about making a small wooden man curse every day. I don’t know how many people will die. Let him go. "
"Good verve good mind old slave or not as good as you and I don’t even have a talk in the prison. Tell me about it. Is there a minister asking for an early monarch? I think it’s time for some people to make a decision about the martial arts in Bozhou. Whoever dares to make peace again is going to die by himself. This battle seems unavoidable, but the prince’s maternal uncle is fair to say that the old slave really doesn’t support fighting. How many toasts are there in our big place? Just say that the Yang family in Bozhou is surrounded by toasts’ forces. What do his families think? If the chieftains join forces to rebel against the soldiers and link up with the national treasury, that little silver will have to be punched in. I don’t think of myself as a good person, but I don’t accept this matter. I don’t want to send someone to blow up the powder magazine of Wang Gong Factory. I just don’t want the court to go this way again. If we continue to make guns and practice the new army’s foreign weapons, then the national treasury will be insufficient, and the court will inevitably be unable to escape the name of a bad king to the gentry. "
"Father-in-law Zhang is still worried about state affairs at this time, but the official advocates that it is necessary for the court to change the soil and return to the country with one punch and one hundred punches. Those toasts either choose to keep their wealth from the court or they can choose to die on the surface and join them in secret. If they want to get two classes, they will not be qualified to live. This time, when they beat the toasts, they will not dare to want to arise and resist the flow. The official knows that the handle should be handed over obediently, but the people in the surrounding areas will be different. I heard that there is a man named Mang Yingli, who is Just stay here and listen to my big command and spit out the embezzled land, otherwise I don’t mind taking the team to him for a walk. One day, it will be enough for a male owner to dig his own grave, not to mention the bad influence caused by Yang Yinglong’s doing those things. I have to cut his head off since he wants to get some votes to encourage him. "
Zhang Whale sighed, "My uncle is really ambitious and I planted your hand. It’s not wrong. I hope my uncle will think carefully about how much it will cost to do these things. How many people believe that there must be many people in my court who will remember to wait until one day when they find the opportunity. You make these contributions and kill people. Spending money is your grave."
"No pains, my father-in-law misses Zheng’s own grasp. At that time, even if I can’t turn over, I will pull those people to die together. Besides, those readers may not have such a big event to pull me to hell. At most, they will revile me for ruining my name and let me and my grandson recite the title method to enter their circle. But what about this? I don’t care about my name, I don’t care about my attitude, and it doesn’t matter if I can get enough money. "
The Forbidden City, listening to Zheng Guobao’s return to Wanli, was once again gloomy. "You said that the old slave was not bad even though he was in prison?" Full of energy is waiting for death? "
Zheng Guobao knew that Feng Bao was so arrogant that he even dared to intercept the treasure that he gave to Cheng Guogong. If Zhang Whale was too desolate, if the emperor was kind or simple, it would be bad to look at his survival and not beg for death and postpone the execution. He simply deliberately said that Zhang Whale was in a firm position and killed people. "That’s why he is now in prison, although he is not free and his conditions are poor, but he has not suffered any big crimes. When I went, he also had a few drinks with my minister. He was clear-headed, his mood was very stable, and he didn’t cry, and he didn’
Wanli snorted. "He’s already counting the dead for committing such a big crime, but those twips still let him live so comfortably. This is also because he is afraid that one day he will retaliate after getting up, so I will go to the West Fourth Archway for them. Three days later, the whales will be cut to death. This time, those jinyi official schools should rest assured and let them do what they should do."
On the day of execution of Zhang Whale, the onlookers packed the West Fourth Arch. Zhang Whale has been in a position of enemy for many years. This time, it is also a chance to feel avenged. When Zhang Whale came out of prison, he had already cut his tongue and couldn’t say anything, which could give off bursts of meaning. Yi Yi Yi Yi Yin Jian beheaded Zheng Guobao, Zhang Cheng and Xu Wenbi were in charge of supervising Zhang Cheng’s watch over the collapse of this old rival. He was so proud that he actually took one percent when he raided the old rival. This time, he could simply replace Zhang Whale in the future and said, "Look!
Guo-Bao Zheng is sighed with a heart, if one day he lost to onlookers even several times more than today, if you don’t go there, you can keep winning.
After half a month, Wang Guoguang and other Jiangling old parties have also come to Beijing to get back. These people also know that their salted fish is turning over. In the future, they will have to be regarded as Zheng Niangniang’s party to arrange officials for the Zheng family, and the court public opinion will naturally take care of them. The caliber has gradually unified, and more than 40 articles about Yang’s great crimes in Bozhou have been sorted out, which have not been cut down. The governor of Sichuan, Yunnan and Guizhou provinces is responsible for broadcasting the state’s conquest, giving Shangfang sword and Wang Ming flag cards, which are not allowed to be used by local civil servants.
For the first time, Wanli came out and walked a few steps to bid farewell to the imperial army and gave him three cups of heroic colors. He also took out Mao Bowen’s poems sent by his grandfather and made some changes to give them to General Zheng Guobao to go to war with courage, waist and autumn water.
The wind blows, the mountains and rivers move, the flags flash, the sun and the moon are high.
How can the worm escape from the cave where there was a kind of unicorn?
When Taiping returns from the imperial edict, I will untie the general’s shirt.
Chapter four hundred and fifty Loushan (a)
This time, in addition to the local chieftain troops from the three provinces, the local chieftain was also asked to send troops to help. In addition, Zheng Guobao recommended Tengchong, Yunnan, Deng Long, Sichuan company commander Liu Ling and others to join the battle sequence. The Li family in Liaodong this time went to Beijing to strengthen the status of military commanders, and Li Chengliang finally got his wish. From Ning Yuanbo to Ning Yuanhou, he was awarded Tianjin company commander, Zhejiang company commander and Fujian company commander respectively.
Zheng Guobao’s arrangement also has his consideration that the Tianjin company commander is the position that the Li family has always wanted to fight for. This is a natural result of the exchange of interests. For the Li family, his two company commanders’ positions can be regarded as loyalty rewards. At the same time, these two positions are far away from the south and the north mountains, and for the Li family, Jiangnan has no foundation. Everything has to start from scratch. This is tantamount to making two people a lonely goose, not a north-south echo. He also assigned each of these three people a deputy company commander who is not afraid of the tail.
His heart Li Guren obviously didn’t understand it, or the Li family never thought about rebelling and starting an army. They didn’t take it to heart for this arrangement. They saw three commanders in both capitals, and Li Jiadi became an official more and more, and all the military officers were in charge of the troops. This was enough to repay the trip to broadcast the state. The Li family also sent 500 servants, Zheng Guobao, to make the troops.
This time, I don’t worry about the problem of the army. Although the facts must be different, Zhang Whale and those ministers’ property have been checked several times, and even after repeated checking by handlers, the property has been reduced, but the storage part is still considerable. Even if it is not enough to support the whole Bozhou war, the gap will not be too big. Besides, when calculating this account, we must include Bozhou’s own savings and make up for the funding gap until Hailong is opened.
The only problem now is that the transportation of grain and grass in Sichuan is difficult and the transportation of materials is inconvenient. It can be said that the biggest enemy of Bozhou Wu is not Bozhou people, but Bozhou Road. If Bozhou adopts a defensive posture to fight a war of attrition, the heavy artillery of the official army is difficult to play due to terrain restrictions, while the light artillery can not play much role in Bozhou fortress in terms of scientific and technological level, so the battle will easily become a war of attrition, and grain transportation will become a big problem.
This time, Zheng Guobao’s team has various distinguished brothers. Like Zheng Guobao, they all went to the front line to brush up the credit and make suggestions. Don’t expect them or say that they did nothing but made the greatest contribution to the war. These people are the ones who endured a protracted battle that lasted for several years. What the court has to do is to bully the soldiers in Bozhou, so as to realize the goal of changing the country to the local people, not only to win, but also to win quickly, otherwise they will think that the court is vain but not strong, and maybe it will go to the side of Bozhou.
The carriage Ningzhong accompanied Zheng Guobao and watched the man brooding on the map. It was only after the incident that her spirit gradually recovered to see Zheng Guobao’s serious preoccupation. She felt that there was no stranger here. She comforted, "Don’t worry too much about the suppression of so many military forces in the three provincial capitals. I can’t believe that Bozhou can really resist the imperial army. If you fall ill in the army, no one can suppress them, but there will be chaos."
Zheng Guobao felt happy when she saw her initiative. She pushed the map. "Sister Ning, you don’t know that it’s easy to defend a state, but it’s difficult to attack it. That Loushan is a hard bone to chew. When ten thousand cannot force it has been operating a state for many years, Loushan doesn’t know how much effort it took. We don’t know how many people will be killed or injured to lead the troops to defend it here. It’s not difficult to attack it. I don’t want more dead people to underestimate the strength of the army, but I’m most happy to have you along the way."
Being held in his arms, Ningzhong struggled gently, but it was not very intense. It said, "You promised that I can’t say it doesn’t count. Now I still can’t make up my mind to give myself to you in Loushan. That’s a military affair. I don’t quite understand it, but I know a little about attacking a city and pulling out a village. It’s a military commander’s job. You don’t have to worry more about it when the time comes."
"Sister Ning, you agreed that I was a little photographed this time. This time, Jianghu friends also gathered in Sichuan, and I’ll see what gifts they brought us to atone for their sins."
Shaoshishan, these people are scrambling to snitch on Liao Huchen and show kindness to Zhang Whale, but I didn’t expect the situation to change so quickly. Zhang Whale was involved in a major rebellion case and fell down and died. Some of them were demoted, dismissed, and even directly beheaded. The Songshan Sect in Jianghu was almost uprooted. After 20 nights, hundreds of people who were close to the left family were slaughtered. The whole Sect was weakened and fell out of the ranks of the big sects in Jianghu. In the same fate, dozens of sects that were originally powerful were also destroyed by people.
There are many martial arts experts in these sects, and there are many people who have deep patronage in the officialdom. In this round of storms, no matter personal martial arts or access, they can’t be sent out. Sometimes, the door is directly to kill the loyalist. This kind of attack is the strength of the major sects. No one can guarantee that they are not as good as Zhang Whale. In recent years, they have recruited troops from various sects to expand their strength. These people are court officials, but this time they are involved in the rebellion and said that they are anti-thieves. In the past, these sects said that they colluded with anti-thieves to train the dead
Liu Cheng got Empress Zheng’s letter to practice the wind and hid in the army for a few days. When the situation calmed down, he returned to Shaoshi Mountain with high profile, took out the status of martial arts leader and gave orders to the masters of all factions to go to Bozhou and wait for the prince’s uncle to instruct these martial arts heroes to seize this opportunity to rush to Chengdu for standby.
When Zheng Guobao’s troops arrived at the Guanting, the governor of Sichuan once saved our Sichuan company commander Liu Ling, and the king of Shu sent people to meet the invitation-only banquet. After that, heroes from all walks of life came to apologize like water, and the Zheng family members had already arrived in Sichuan. Even Liu Jing, they saw that their husbands were fine, and everyone was happy and patted their chests. "If you don’t want me to come to Sichuan, I will take the troops with me all the way to the capital with you. If you refuse to believe you, you will go to Beijing."
Ying Ying also said, "Yes, my holy brothers have been mobilized. If anything happens to your capital, we will immediately make a scene in the capital, even if we break into the Forbidden City. Besides, it is good that you are all right this time. All the leaders of all factions want to buy a confession from you. This time, we have to rip them off so that they can make such a big deal easily."
Guo-Bao Zheng asked Qin Liangyu, "Liangyu, did your father’s old man ever arrive? This time, I want to break the white-pole soldiers in Bozhou, but I have a trump card in my hand. Then I will give you a group of people to make you addicted to leading the troops to fight. "
Qin Liangyu rejoiced, "Brother-in-law has to keep his word. Don’t lie to my father and my eldest brother. They have already arrived and the Ma family is waiting outside to see you. There are too many big officials. No, they say that this time, maybe we don’t have to fight hard. I heard that Loushan has sent people to contact them and they are ready to surrender."
Chapter four hundred and fifty-one Loushan (2)
When Zheng Guobao came to Sichuan, the three provinces in southwest China were not peaceful, and several conflicts broke out. Bozhou sent troops to attack Hongtou, Gaoping, Xincun and other villages in Guizhou, and it was Yang Yikui, the governor of Guizhou, who was a general of the Zheng Party. When he arrived, he realized that the Bozhou war would be changed sooner or later, and the governor indulged in compromise with Bozhou and prepared for war.
In Bozhou, troops are often sent out to plunder and kill the Han people to seize money and grain. In the end, it is not that Bozhou is barren and does not rob to live. All this is the fault of the court, not the problem of Bozhou. Otherwise, it is said that the local Han people do not respect the living habits of Bozhou people, resulting in a large-scale fight. The total mistake is that the Han officials always kill the Han people in Bozhou. On the contrary, if the court causes injuries to Bozhou, the officials in charge will treat the people harshly, and if the charges are light, they will be guilty. This principle also leads to the big officers and
Yang yikui’s tough attitude this time, the main battle troops will not only fight but also win, and they will win the battle. Not to mention killing, they will also be rewarded. Great things have happened. I will bear the responsibility of having such a tough man like him and a security guard to help these troops let go of their hands and feet. There have been casualties in several battles, and each other has not taken advantage of each other.
Then Bozhou began to gather all the bloody allies, saying that it was going to be avenged by the imperial court to kill the people at will and expel the big officials to restore the old system of Bozhou, and Miao Wang joined the Covenant and led tens of thousands of seedlings to help. At that time, Bozhou soldiers were mighty and mighty, claiming to gather 200,000 generals and save thousands of food and grass for 50 years. Yang Yinglong and Xi ‘an Yongning Luxury invited them to join their own camp, and the martial arts of the three southwestern provinces of the king also received orders from the leader to ask all factions. My brother formed an army on the spot to fight against or defend or harass the guerrilla destruction warehouse. Even a dozen people won’t lose the founding father’s position in the future, and even a dozen people won the title of our time by beating a sap to rob a lonely goose to maintain the hill.
It is because the layout of former Zheng Guobao had been difficult to buy salt, iron and other supplies to the Southwest Sect before the formal alliance of the state was launched, and it was impossible to serve this way. The imperial army was also well prepared. Just after Yang Yinglong joined the army, the three provinces began a large-scale anti-bandits activity, and the greenwood shanzhai in his province was screened once and several hills vanished. I don’t know how many Jianghu strongmen and green trees became military exploits.
Against this background, Song Shichen, deputy commander of Loushan, and En, the general manager of Zhongjun, secretly sent messengers, who once saved Wulian and agreed to surrender and ask the court to be kind to the people and forgive them after attacking Bozhou, and the two clans of Song Dynasty would not kill them.
Duzhangman, once a famous counterinsurgency expert and a murderer in Sichuan, has been killed by him. It is also an unexpected benefit for Song people to take the initiative to vote for his name.
Loushan is the gate of Bozhou, which is easy to defend but difficult to attack, but it is a natural barrier. Since Yang Duan’s soldiers entered Bozhou several times, the emperor Yang’s throne has changed many times, but he has always sat firmly on the throne of Bozhou. When Meng Yuan’s hands and feet shocked Europe, Yang’s family can still sit on this grass-headed king, and he has also entered the frenzy of broadcasting.
Dangerous mountains, difficult roads and strong Yugoslav capital determine that this method can attack from 13 lines of defense, which need a lot of flesh and blood to fill this mouth. It is like a huge beast with an open mouth waiting for people’s blood and food to feed it. I don’t know how many elite soldiers will look forward to it, but they will retreat after they are killed and wounded.