"Brothers and sisters also want to play …" Looking at the hot lake, Xia Chaoyang wanted to have a swim on a whim.

Seeing brother Xia Chaoyang nodding his head and smiling, his figure flashed directly into the bottom of the lake, and when he rose, he had turned into a white dragon, swimming in the warmth of the lake.
The rise of Xia Shimei’s taxiing white dragon can’t help but sing it out.
The mysterious turtle turned around and made up with each other for a while before turning away. At this time, the whole ice sheet had unconsciously turned into a vast North Sea.
Stay Xuan Gui wandering Xia Shimei wait for a while watched Xuan Gui’s back disappear for a moment and suddenly took the avatar and fled back to her senior brother.
Looking at my sister’s return to Baiyun Building, I accidentally raised my hand and took Xiao Chaoyang away. I smiled and asked, "Sister, is this fun?"
"My brother’s mysterious turtle reminded me of some childhood memories when he was just whistling," recalled Zhao-yang Xia seriously.
"When I was young with my senior brother, I saw the portraits of four great beasts in my father’s secret collection atlas. This mysterious turtle seems to be very similar to the middle Xuanwu beast, except that a snake is missing."
Baiyun Lou heard confused and asked, "Xuanwu? According to my younger sister, Xuanwu is a kind of god beast without a snake. Is Xuanwu … a combination of tortoise and snake? "
"It is the basaltic phase that snakes around the spirit …" Zhao-yang xia immediately nodded and answered.
"The teacher elder sister … the teacher elder sister talked about whether there is a kind of bird in these four big beasts …" Aly quickly interposed.
"What finch? Suzaku? It seems that it is called Suzaku. "Zhao-yang Xia casually remembered the name of God beast Suzaku once.
Aly one leng murmured, "Suzaku turned out to be Suzaku, so Aly should be the god beast Suzaku …"
Xia Chaoyang looked at Aly and nodded gently. "It looks a bit like … but …"
"But? How can the teacher elder sister still have buts ….. "Aly Qingyun Gate still has some stuttering. In this small world, it’s better to speak fluently than others.
"Oh, the Suzaku SHEN WOO painted in the atlas has a red crown feather standing proudly on his head …"
Xia Chaoyang words to general Aly immediately fluttered and waved the head and abruptly took shape into a pinch of red feathers.
"It looks a bit like it, and the rosefinch’s wings and feathers are much longer …"
Upon hearing this, Aly quickly shook his wings and taxied his wings longer.
"Oh, and the most important thing is that Suzaku’s tail feathers are not only slender, but also nine are nine. Yes, I still remember that I would count to nine at that time …" Xia Chaoyang tried to remember the most important details.
"Tail feather … nine …" Aly couldn’t help but feel discouraged and then said, "There are too many nine. Now four is my limit."
With that, Aly shook the long tail feather, but it was legalizing to form the fifth tail feather.
Looking at Aly, Xia Chaoyang comforted, "Aly has a teacher elder sister to go home in a couple of days and bring the atlas to you and your brother to see it. At that time, I only turned over half of it, so I couldn’t understand the front painting and the back root."
"Besides, Aly, even if it’s not this god beast, it’s nothing. The teacher elder sister asked the master elder brother to seal you up. The god beast at Qingyun Gate will be fatter, fatter and smaller. It’s just the four god beasts …"
This words made Aly’s comfort heart almost broken, and the Baiyun Tower heard the corners of his mouth pulled and said, "Now there are more than four big beasts in Qingyun Gate, as well as the big mouths of my brother White Wolf and koi fish’s sister picking EU. If Luoli can also earn income, that’s a big beast …"
Speak Baiyun Lou sigh tut.
Aly leng for a moment spread his wings and flew to the fire shine on the shoulder, and he didn’t say much. A roll of long tail feathers sank into practice.
The Baiyun Tower turned to look at the corner of the mouth in the direction of Xuangui’s departure and murmured, "Xuangui … Xuanwu … Two school sisters are counting the hours. Let’s get out of the tower."
Zhao-yang xia and fire shine nod should be three people sink read actuating tower door leave breath instantaneous knowledge out of the small tower in situ left Aly figure.
Aly looked around and muttered, "Don’t wait for me again …" He also thought out of the small tower
I woke up when I saw Xiao Chaoyang at the Baiyun Building just after dawn, and asked, "If you didn’t sleep enough last night, do you want to go to the tribal world and sleep for a while?"
"Ah, there is a poetry class again today. Why haven’t the old gentleman finished his ancient poems? When will this poetry class be held?" Xia Chaoyang couldn’t help lamenting when he heard the poetry class.
Chapter four hundred and seventy-five Private life
"The old man said quickly …" There are also some nai in Baiyun Building.
"What’s fast? I said a month ago that the professor was almost finished … what did I say in the poetry class? It seems that my school sister forgot what to do if I went to sleep again and waited for my husband to ask."
"Chaoyang, if you are sleepy, sleep and doze off, but you will be fined … if Mr. asks, brother will read it to you then …"
Upon hearing this, Zhao-yang Xia threw himself into his brother’s arms and whispered happily. He did feel a little sleepy.
Spoiled to embrace the martial sister Baiyun Tower, conveniently put the eyebrows between the eyes of the younger sister, and directly passed the complete refined gas formula.
"Chaoyang, you are now in the golden elixir period. With this refined gas tactic, it can be said that it is even more powerful. Even if you practice to a small degree, you can multiply it. Don’t waste it."
"Well, there is a little flower spirit …" Summer pool replied lazily.