However, in view of Gu Jingke’s plain mood, Li Ruoshi was not calm enough. Her fingers were tightly holding the sheets, and you asked again with a cold face, "Are you serious?"

Gu Jingke didn’t answer, but his eyes looked at Li Re-shi gently. After three seconds, he moved his eyes and looked at Mu Ming, both of whom were named. The other person gently walked back to the chair and waited for Li Re-shi to hook.
In fact, Li Re-shi believed everything from where she said it. Otherwise, she would have made trouble long ago, instead of sitting here and not moving like this.
She sat on the bed, and almost all the sheets were kneaded into a ball by her. Gu Jingke looked at her wrist watch and thought about how much she wanted. Sure enough, Li Ruoshi’s sheets were torn.
"Psst-"A light sound startled her, and when she came to her senses, she looked at her hands and moved her lips. "When can you help me? When can you do what you just said?"
Gu Jingke took a sip of his lips and lifted his eyelids "now" without any surprise.
Li Ruoshi squeezed her fingers for a while. She didn’t really want anything, but it was just a dream. When people die, they don’t know anything, including never seeing Xiaotian again, not even photos.
No matter what the man wants to do to make himself dream a beautiful dream, she is willing to try. Anyway, she is not even afraid of death now. What makes her afraid?
"Please ask the police officer now." Li Ruo Sion’s coolness is like going beyond the real life and death. She quietly opened her eyes and thought about Xiaotian in her heart. If she could see him in her dream, she would have no worries.
Then you can really die.
Gu Jingke walked over and nodded at Muming. "Now you lie down and relax. Don’t think about suicide. Think about what you want to do most, like you, Xiaotian …"
Li Re-shi’s eyes flashed with longing, thinking that it was exactly the same thing as Gu Jingke’s. She narrowed her eyes gently and smiled with relief. She didn’t make trouble or move this time, but it was because Gu Jingke’s speech made her pay attention, have spirit and have that faint hope.
Although I don’t know what I’m doing, I’m still full of expectations. At this moment, she doesn’t want to die with expectations.
Gu Jingke held out his hand and waved his eyes in Li Ruo’s poems. He took out his pocket watch and hypnotized Muming to sit there without making the slightest noise. He looked at Gu Jingke calmly.
"Now you think about what you want to do and what you haven’t done." Gu Jingke whispered a sudden thought. He stopped and looked at Muming. "You let people check their information."
Muming gently nodded his head before he took a step from the ward. If she knew what information Gu Jingke had, it was her suspicion that she needed to close the door. She took out her mobile phone and dialed Cheng Man’s number.
"Hey Muming, is there something wrong with you?" Cheng Man directly asked without thinking.
Mu Ming hasn’t explained yet. There seems to be a doubt over there. "Is it Mu Ming calling?"
This tone is a man’s tone, and it is still getting familiar. I don’t want this man to be Qi Shaochen!
I didn’t expect the two of them to be together so late!
Hearing Qi Shaochen’s interval, Man seems to be in a hurry, covering his cell phone and glaring at Qi Shaochen, indicating that he can never speak without her command and permission!
Muming’s mouth slightly ticked. In fact, he has heard Qi Shaochen sound. No matter how Cheng Man explains it now, it’s in vain. He is not so stupid and so nervous. Cheng Man deserves Qi Shaochen sound again.
It’s not hard to guess the secret here. Maybe these two people didn’t know the situation at their police station-lived together?
This conjecture is very likely.
"Cheng Man, I want to ask you to check one thing." Muming didn’t dwell on the problem again, but said softly, "I want you to check the information of Li Re-shi’s two sisters as soon as possible."
Cheng Man also lost his nervousness and said directly, "I’ll give it to you when I’m finished!"
Qi Shaochen debuted at this time. "Is it because the situation has changed?"
Cheng Man turned supercilious look "if it is not necessary for us to check the information? Stop talking nonsense and check it as soon as possible! "
Qi Shaochen gently touched his lips and then turned around and moved out of the brain to input data. Both of them stared at the brain and dared not make mistakes, while Mu Ming avoided disturbing Gu Jingke and turned around in the corridor alone.
Finally, she sat quietly in the chair, lowered her head and took out her mobile phone to refresh the webpage.
Gu Jingke whispered in front of the bed, "You are now back to three years ago. Three years ago, you were worried. Xiaotian accompanied you. There is an upcoming wedding. There is more affection to accompany you. Although you are an orphan, your feelings are very close. Because you are twins, you have a heart …"
Li Ruoshi is already in a deep sleep. When Gu Jingke said these words, she gently bent her mouth as if she really thought of the scene. She was usually very happy and smiled. This should be the happiest time in her dream.
Gu Jingke pursed her lips and looked at her face. It’s not too urgent now. We must take it slowly. Let her remember a happy time for the time being … Find an appropriate time.
"Xiaotian ….." Li Re-shi whispered a finger to Yang Yang as if to catch something. Gu Jingke brought a sheet from the side and put it in her hand. Li Re-shi was Xiaotian’s skirt and clung to it.
Li Ruoshi’s confusion is like being in a room without light and windows, or walking alone in a silent corridor. There are her high heels in the corridor, and her face is smiling more and more when the sound is not long.
Ten minutes or so, with a smile on her face, she cried out with a trembling voice, "Xiaotian! Don’t leave me, please don’t leave me! "
Her fingers twitched for a while, and then her eyes began to cry. She shook her mouth slightly like a fish dying of thirst, "Sister!"
Gu Jingke narrowed his eyes and stared at Li Re-shi’s face quietly …
Muming sat outside in the corridor and watched Cheng Man send her an email. The information in it made her suspicious, but it also returned to normal in an instant. It turned out that it was estimated that people lying in hospital beds said something that was credible and unbelievable!
This email information is a more deadly evidence.
Muming waited at the door for a long time. She squinted at her wrist watch and leaned against the wall. It was a little cold. Now the weather has moved towards autumn and it has cooled down.
"Mu Ming" Gu Jingke came out of the ward and looked around his eyes. He walked over and lowered his head and gently called a Mu Ming. He opened his eyes and looked at the face in front of him. "Done?"
"Well" Gu Jingke nodded and sat next to her with a slight sip lip "this matter is also interesting information? Have you seen it? "
Mu Ming took out his mobile phone and handed it to him. "Look at it, it’s estimated that it’s similar to what you think."
Gu Jingke glanced at "similar to what I thought"
"You hypnotized her. Did you ask anything?" Mu Ming tilted his head and rested on his shoulder. "How is she now?"
"She is lying in bed now," Gu Jingke thought for a while. "In the past three years, it is estimated that that nightmare has made her schizophrenic and has not returned to normal yet."
Mu Ming frowned gently. "Schizophrenia?"
"She treats herself as two people, and this is how she has come over in the past three years." Gu Jingke sorted out the information and looked at her. "Three years ago, after he watched his sister and boyfriend die, he was alone in that building, and no one believed her or could say anything."
Mu Ming took the words and said, "Maybe it’s not because no one cares about her or believes her, but because she closed herself up, which paralyzed herself and caused symptoms such as schizophrenia. And she hypnotized herself and imagined that her sister was not dead, right?"
"Yes," Gu Jingke reached out and fiddled with her hair and whispered in her ear, "You guessed it was true."
"…" Mu Ming is somewhat resistant to this evaluation, but for a moment she reached out and pointed her hand at his eyebrows. "You are also smart and not a police officer."
Gu Jingke laughed and looked at Mu Ming. "It doesn’t look like it came out of your mouth."
"But that’s what I said. How about it?"
Gu Jingke didn’t speak, but bowed his head and kissed her lips and gently bit "Is this like this?"
Muming bit him back and murmured.
Section 33
"It’s up to her to see what she will choose to do when she wakes up." Gu Jingke lowered her head. "Three years ago, she was insane and often thought of herself as her sister Li Ruoshi, but in fact she was Li Ruomei."
Mu Ming’s eyes flashed slightly. "What she said is false? And who is the bone under her bed? Who is Li Ruoshi? "
"Yes," Gu Jingke looked at the end of the corridor and looked back again. "She told me that on the night of Xiaotian jumping off a building, her sister was too excited to have a miscarriage, and then her sister committed suicide in that bed on the night of discharge."