"… this is a strange combination"

The Pope was silent for a moment and suddenly said, "No, that scientist gave me a familiar feeling."
She suddenly had an impulse to draw cards to see her fate.
But in the end she held back.
This is a solemn banquet. Isn’t it a monkey to draw cards here?
Then a court ceremonial officer came forward.
Facing the Pope, he was nervous, and sweat stood on his forehead, but he still kept smiling.
The ceremonial officer put a paper rectangular card in front of the Pope and made a ceremony.
The Pope reached out and picked up the card.
Immediately after the luncheon, the World Federation will be called to discuss the strategy of resisting doomsday.
"I will come as scheduled," she said.
"Yes" ceremony officer gently nodded and turned away.
He was secretly relieved when he left the Pope’s desk.
Isa eyed Queen Varona.
The queen welcomed several distinguished guests from the Federation into their seats and said a few words before she was ready to leave.
She is the host here, and Ma will arrange to take the World Congress.
Isa wanted to think, raised his hand high and made a move towards the queen.
Her every move is always watched, and many people have noticed this scene.
Queen Varona naturally noticed this movement.
Varona turned to look at her.
Two people’s eyes are right
Isa asked, "Can Varona come and talk?"
The state banquet hall is getting quiet.
One is to kill each other’s families, seize the country’s political and religious leaders, and be the top five.
One is the new ruler who was killed, even her husband died, but finally stood still and regained control of a whole country.
Their enmity is as deep as the sea.
But at this moment, the Pope smiled and invited the Queen to talk to her.
Before the queen could speak, a court guard suddenly came out and said, "Please say directly that you don’t need to be near the queen."
It is true that in secular cognition, the holy pope is the strongest professional comparable to Emperor Fuxi.
Although the queen is also a professional, compared with France,
If the Pope wants to assassinate the queen, she can get it with one blow if the two sides are close enough.
"Varona, are you afraid of me?" Isa asked.
Varona smiled sarcastically at the corner of her mouth and said, "You should call me Queen Elizabeth."
Isa watched her judo. "Really? But you also call me by my first name. "
"Of course, can you tell me what identity you have? A country thief? Kingslayer? "
"I am the Pope of the Holy Church," said Isa.
Varona said, "The holy religion belongs to the Medici family. Anna Medici, the head of this generation, has never recognized your strength."
The smile on her face gradually converged.
Varona looked at the dignitaries in the banquet hall and then looked at Isa and said, "Say what you have."
Isa said, "It’s better for you to come over and we’ll talk privately about this matter when it comes to the royal scandal of Fuxi Empire."
Her hand chin with interest, "why don’t you dare to come over? The queen is afraid that I will kill you? "
In the face of such words, Varona can secretly grind her teeth.
The other side is too dangerous.
No matter what, she won’t put herself in danger.
It’s only when young people are hot-blooded that they fight for a long time.
She was about to say a few words and refused, but a familiar sound came to her ear.
"Go and listen to what she has to say, and rest assured that I am here" Gu Qingshan said.
Chapter three hundred and sixty Death has
Varona did not hesitate to go to Isa.
"Come on, we Fuxi royal family have nothing to hide," she said.
Isa saw that she really came and raised her eyebrows unexpectedly.
Closer, closer.
Everyone watched Queen Varona come to Isa.
The two are less than half a meter apart.
Idiot …
Her heart say a way
At this moment, she had to admit that she had moved to kill her heart.
When Varona dies, Fuxi will be in chaos.
The holy country has long been in its own hands, and Fuxi will also be gnawed at a large territory by itself with its own strength.
Population, resources, wealth, and professionals are all their own needs.
Isa got up slowly.
She whispered, "Varona, I’ll make a long story short with you. Your raven-or the guardian in golden armor is a thief. He stole the holy teaching treasure. You must let him see me at once or I’ll be rude."
Varona asked, "Holy teaching treasure? What is it? "
Isa paused and said, "He stole a painting at Madame Dupont’s party."
"painting?" Varona wondered