The destructive power of Luo Jinxian is amazing.

Every time the power department breaks out, it’s not conan the destroyer, which can also destroy one side’s vitality
From ancient times to modern times, it can be said that the great mountains and rivers were destroyed and the innate creatures fell because of the outbreak of the great war in Luo Jinxian.
Pick Jin Xian is the biggest unstable factor in the flood.
With this opportunity, heaven and earth are more likely to evolve, and Luo Luotian will move all the Luo Jinxian in the wild to leave a relatively safe living environment for all beings.
Taiyi Jin Xian’s battle can be turned upside down, but the battle of Luo Jinxian is far from that, just like a mortal immortal.
Although the lost pick Jin Xian is not completely out of danger, it is several times safer than before.
"Heaven and earth are easier, and heaven feels that it is difficult for all living beings to seek Tao, so all living beings in Luo Tian are asked to seek a chance to prove Tao!"
"Therefore, anyone who is interested in achieving mixed yuan can enter Luo Tian to practice."
On this day, the wind zichen sound completely destroyed the whole universe.
At the same time, it is easier for heaven and earth to raise Luo Jinxian again, and the secret is also revealed to everyone.
At that time, it was awkward!
This is to force them to make a choice!
There is no indication in the secret that the earth will be so determined to stay in the wild, but if you think about it, you know that there will never be any good field if you continue to stay.
If you practice the law lightly, you will enter the blacklist of heaven and earth and be targeted by Heaven.
It’s time to make a choice
this moment
The process of changing heaven and earth is not obvious yet, and the earth can still raise Luo Jinxian.
Most of the pick Jin Xian did not make a move, but still left the earth to observe the current situation and look forward to the emergence of variables.
And a small number of pick Jin Xian have connections, and some directly take refuge in the great avatar relying on their Dojo.
Without access, after initial hesitation, they either entered Luo Tian or went to heaven to live in seclusion.
Of course, there are even more unique.
Some cruel people saw that God’s will could not be violated and went directly into the outer space to hide from the world …
A congenital family like Yulong is not interested in this, because they have a deep foundation and are easier to root than this world, so they will not be affected.
Congenital three clans hold the four polar witch clan with mystery, while Pangu Temple demon clan has a demon pool …