The young monk opened his eyes wide and asked curiously, "What fruit is more delicious than peach?"

The old monk said, "Nature is cause and effect."
The young monk asked, "Then, Master, what exactly is cause and effect and where does it grow?" He swallowed to speak.
The old monk smiled and said, "It doesn’t work."
The young monk didn’t quite believe that scanning around with his head cocked and he couldn’t see anything.
He cried, "Wow, the old monk lied. You hid the cause and effect, didn’t you?"
When the old monk sighed and waved his hand gently, a peach appeared faintly. "You lazy little bald donkey, please eat peaches."
You’re welcome. The young monk reached for the peach and chewed a mouthful of it. His tears haven’t been dried yet, and he said, "Master, I still want to eat karma."
The old monk sighed, "Then I will take you to eat karma."
The old monks, one big and one small, walked to the mountain like this.
The rain is finally up, and the thunder is not deadly mixed with the wind and rain.
In the misty rain of the West Lake, if a boat goes back and forth, it will be a good rain and a good flash.
Li Zhichang’s snake rolling around with wood pulp is not close to him or ignores him.
This storm turned out to be a rare occurrence in ten years. It seems that God is interested in washing the earth clean.
By the lake, a woman in white wins snow with a kind eye and an oil-paper umbrella, just like the person in the picture.
Li Zhichang paddled leisurely and didn’t get wet in a storm.
The woman said "It’s you".
Li Zhichang said, "If it weren’t for me."
The woman is the day when Nanputuo Mountain and Li Zhichang met lady white snake.
Lady white snake blushed. Today, she decided that the benefactor was about to appear in the Tracy Lake. There were signs of moon clouds in her ignorance. Keeping the west lake was supposed to yield something, but it rained.
This rain is very strange, not like the natural rain and thunder of heaven and earth, but more like a monk Du Jie, but seeing that the thunder of the West Lake is staggered everywhere, there is no one who should rob it, which makes her feel suspicious.
She inherited Li Shan’s mother’s theory of magical powers, and now she is better than the Seven Demons and Saints in the world. It is strange that the orthodox mana of the fairy family is pure and difficult to be caught in a rain.
Lady white snake took a look at Li Zhichang, but he felt that the charm of heaven and earth in the square was not so, but the body naturally revealed this temperament
More elegant than the first time I saw Li Zhichang that day.
She hesitated, "Is this thunderstorm from Taoist friends?"
But it’s not like this when the wind and rain don’t come in and the thunder don’t disturb around Li Zhichang.
Her heart suddenly gave birth to an amazing answer-deceives the sky.
It means that Li Zhichang lied to God so that the humanitarian source could not find him.
She couldn’t help admiring this Taoist friend, who went much further than her.
Li Zhichang doesn’t say yes orno. "Meeting is a fate friend, or I’ll take you to the other side after a boat chat."
A man of practice like them is not a small West Lake, but a vast sea, and he sailed alone in a boat. What Li Zhichang said was not this West Lake, but a world of mortals and sufferings.
Lady white snake Wen Wan smiled and said, "Thank you for your kindness over there." lady white snake’s lightsome boat seems to have come to another world.
It happened that there was no fluctuation of Yuan God’s mana, which was even more infuriating and miraculous. The wind and rain did not come to this ship.
It is not that he avoids the wind and rain, but that the wind and rain avoid him or ignore him.
The boat stopped at the lake and didn’t move.
It’s misty and rainy outside, and the mysterious artistic conception permeates quickly.
Li Zhichang smiled. "It seems that you and others haven’t come yet."
Lady white snake’s wonderful eyes inadvertently have amorous feelings. Eye-catching is more exciting than West Lake’s waves. Whoever sees these talking eyes will forget to talk.