The movement here has caused more and more whirlpool people to come here, and it seems that when they saw Mrs. Wen, suddenly a shout broke out in the crowd.

"Ah, that’s Mrs. Wen. We’re saved this time!"
"Boss Toad didn’t expect you to be so popular here!"
"Not bad. I helped these people with Watergate and had a fight with those outsiders. I didn’t expect them to remember me!" The giant toad took a puff and spit it out.
"All right, let’s go!"
Strong hind legs suddenly launched toad and flew directly outside the village! Those fighters immediately felt that their heads were blocked by the sun, and they stopped fighting one by one and looked at the sky without being attracted by this. They also killed their enemies before looking at the sky, and then they all rushed to their own camp.
"Bang!" The giant toad smashed the center of the war between the two armies. Those who didn’t come to escape in a hurry were directly smashed into the ground, and some people were washed out by the strong airflow shock wave and hit trees and stones.
"Boss Toad, you won’t hurt your own people by mistake, will you?"
"How is it possible, kid? I’ll jump after I see it clearly!"
"All right, toad, let’s have a water escape!"
"Water Dun Toad Water Bomb!" Mrs. Wen opened her mouth and slapped her belly with her front paws. A huge water bomb flew out of his stomach and flew to the enemies in front.
"Wind Dun Super Spiral Pill!"
Naruto jumped up from Mrs. Wen’s head and rushed to the water to escape and then pressed the oversized spiral pill in!
"Combination Ninjutsu, Fengshui Evasion, True Vortex!"
The wind tunnel compresses the water bomb into reality, and the water adheres to the huge Feng Shui bomb on the surface of the wind tunnel and flies directly to the enemy camp.
"This kid hasn’t seen the strength rise for days. Even my water bomb can become his attack and endure this trick. It’s not simple. It is estimated that if there is no powerful fire escape ninja across the street, it is estimated that it will suffer! This size is almost catching up with bijuu! " Mrs. Wen was thinking about this, but she was still paying attention to the battlefield situation. When she saw Naruto falling, she stretched out her long tongue and rolled Naruto back to her back.
"Kid, that’s not bad!"
Just finished, the fire escape ninja directly flew out to meet this huge water polo, which was a fire escape ninja. Unfortunately, even the obstacles were not directly bounced by the flying Feng Shui bombs.
"bang!" The huge geomantic bomb hit the ground, instantly exploding tiny water drops, and the strong wind pressure was scattered directly. There were ninjas who were hit by water drops, and even the surrounding trees were hit by the middle. The trees were very close, and the trees were directly rolled up by the geomantic bomb and attacked the surrounding people again.
Vortex clan was shocked to see such a powerful attack, even the three elders were taken aback. It seems that Naruto was trying to get rid of those people by borrowing the hand of Wentai, but I didn’t expect Naruto to directly attack the other side with Wentai, and this power has far exceeded the general endurance.
to be continued
Chapter 14 Travel in Vortex Country (4)
The whirlpool clan froze at first, but suddenly burst into huge cheers. The elder sensed that these chairs grinned directly. He hadn’t smiled for many days, which made the two maids who waited on him feel very happy.
"Boss Toad, let’s kill them in one breath!"
"Combination Ninjutsu Rana Oil Inflammation Bomb!"
Clouds of black oil were spouted from Mrs. Wen’s mouth, and Naruto just took out a few fires and lit a torch, threw it directly into the oil bomb and instantly turned into a huge fireball flying face to face. It was really ice and fire!
Across the street, it’s really helpless. One by one, crying, dad and mom are running away to further places, but they don’t know their escape direction. A god of death is harvesting their lives.
"Boss Toad, let’s go after him!" Naruto pointed to the escape direction of these people.
"Don’t go to those people are dead! What about Lord Shumao? "
When I heard my brother Naruto sitting directly on the bridge of Wen Tai’s nose, I quietly waited for Shu Mao to return.
Sure enough, it didn’t take a short time for Shu Mao to return to the battlefield, and after seeing Shu Mao’s arrival, those whirlpool people all knew that the battle was over. This battle ended very quickly because of their two interventions, while Si Mao just gave her food and was eating it happily.
At noon, a grand welcoming ceremony was held in the whirlpool clan square, and the elders were also pushed out to participate in such celebrations.
"Boss, just say a few words!"
"Well, then I’ll say something!" The elder sat in the chair and waved to the crowd. Everyone was quiet. There was a burning bonfire and a crackling sound from time to time.
"Ladies and gentlemen, we whirlpool clan can be born to this day, of course, with our strong sealing technique, but the most important thing is that we konoha allies, who are coming to Wan Li not far after receiving our help every time. Maybe one person or two people are in a team, but every time they can help us through the difficulties.
But have you ever thought that without anything, we can’t get through it by ourselves? Why do we have to ask our allies for help every time?
Maybe some of you have guessed these two identities. They are friends of Konoha just like the last time they came to Kakashi. This one is our little temple. You can all call him that. I discussed with them and they will stay here to teach you some knowledge about Wushu and Ninjutsu, and even teach you all other knowledge. I hope you can study hard and defend the village! "
"Oh!" The villagers gave a loud cheer.
"I don’t know if we are doing this right or wrong. After all, we broke the agreement for nearly a hundred years!" Tree mau thinking is once vortex gens patriarch martial law doctrine.
"Today, you are fortunate to see that Mrs. Wen is fighting side by side with Mrs. Wen. I hope you can always guard this honor!"
"Boss Toad, it seems that you are very popular here!"
"Of course, old lady. I’m very popular everywhere!" Mrs. Wen actually rolled up her tongue. Those people prepared a large wine jar for him and drank the wine. His skin became particularly red because of alcohol stimulation.
At this time, Mrs. Wen patted two little toads on the ground and appeared at his feet.
"Dad!" The frog shouted a.
"Yo Shu Mao big brother!" This is frog greeting.
"Ah, you two are out, too. Let’s go to the celebration!"
Shu Mao threw three packs of food to the two little toads. This is his own body. Frog Ji called him to eat these foods.
"I’ll go back when you play. I can’t stay outside for too long." After that, Wen just left without saying hello to the four elders.
At this time, the elder sent someone to invite Shu Mao.
"Shu Mao’s adult, what we said just now is the first thing I want to tell you. There are still a few things I want to discuss with you."
"If there’s anything, just let me know!"
"Well, I’m not at all.
I want to discuss several other things with you, which can be said to be one thing! I want to hide our whirlpool family! "
"Elder, please say this. I really don’t understand!"
"Well, our whirlpool clan is the last family of Yin and Yang. Those people who are looking for treasures are actually masters of Yin and Yang. Unfortunately, those people don’t know these things, and our whirlpool clan hasn’t seen a master of Yin and Yang for many years. We have no commitment to the most elementary master of Yin and Yang. At the same time, we don’t worry that anyone can break in and even the master of Yin and Yang can’t get in without a specific formula. It’s very safe.
And I’m going to live in seclusion because I’m running out of time, and as you may have noticed, my physical condition is getting worse and worse, but there is no pillar in my clan, so I want to take this opportunity to take my clan into seclusion. "
"I can understand this matter, and the elder will discuss it with me?"
"I really want to ask you a few things to discuss with you. First, I want to arrange a few young people to follow the temple or follow you to accept Konoha’s seal and bring our seal to Konoha as a kind of incense! The second thing is to ask you to help us kill those jackal treasure hunters outside. I have already explored their camp. After I want to kill that stronghold, treasure hunters will not have such a big climate. The third thing is that I hope you can help me find out that traitor. Even if we go into seclusion, it may be exposed again. Finally, I want you to do one thing, but it may be a bit difficult. "
"These things are no problem with rape, and I have probably counted them. Therefore, Elder, please rest assured that since you are willing to entrust this matter to me, I will certainly be able to help you complete it, but there is one thing that you may not even know about. I am here to find a teacher of Yin and Yang."
"What? Are you still a teacher of yin and yang? "
"Yes, I am indeed a teacher of Yin and Yang!"
"That’s great. It’s very difficult for you to return this last thing. So now you must know how to seal?"
"That’s right. Why?"
"The last thing is that I hope you can arrange a giant seal array around our village to completely seal the village."
to be continued
Chapter 141 Vortex travel (5)
"But what should you do in your daily life?"
"You don’t have to worry about this. The village can be self-sufficient. Please rest assured that we do have a tribal land. It is a relatively hidden valley. You can’t see it from the top of the mountain, and you can’t find a trace from the mountain. You can only find a trace from halfway up the mountain."
"I see!"
"So I want you to make a seal for us to completely separate us from the world. Although we can learn a lot from you, it is against the wishes of our ancestors, so I want to take my people directly to the mountains and hide from the world!"
"Well, then do you want me to arrange a large array and have a specific seal array?"
"It’s natural. I’ll let someone show it to you. The other one is the key to our family’s master of Yin and Yang. There is also the largest master family of Yin and Yang in that year-Anpeiqing family. If you are interested, you can also go to their pledge and our family’s land!"