Wave Tianya leaned against the railing and said slowly, "Now the master doesn’t know who took her!" The only thing we can be sure of is that this man is an immortal Sect and is familiar with us all. "

Summer flowers gently shook his head. "How did that happen? Master seldom goes out over the years, and she is closed to practice, so there will be no enemy … "Say that her hands are covered with her face and she looks very painful."
Zhu Qingqiu folded a vine flower and sniffed it slowly. "If you want to know what happened to Master, you must know what Master Mountain was this time?"
Xia Hua quickly said, "Master came to me in front of the mountain and said that he wanted to find out something fifteen years ago, but he didn’t tell me what it was!"
Wave Tianya heart a unter den leisurely way "I … I may know"
I wish clear autumn and summer flowers both looked at him at the same time and saw that his face was a little weird. I wish clear autumn quickly asked, "What are you doing in a novel?"
Wave Tianya said with horror, "Is Master going to check my life?"
Xia Huahong’s eyes are red and her eyebrows are clustered into a beautiful one, showing her weakness, innocence and beauty. Looking at the master elder brother curiously, she asked, "Where are you from? Aren’t you the master from the roadside? "
Wave Tianya shook his head and said "no". Then he told the story with tears.
Zhu Qingqiu grabbed him by the collar and eagerly asked, "Are you telling the truth?"
Wave Tianya some surprise nodded to see wish clear autumn disease back two steps bright eyes instantaneous tears that trembled.
It’s the first time they’ve seen her like this. I’m a little overwhelmed and I don’t understand why she suddenly did this.
Wave Tianya went over and looked up slightly and asked, "What’s wrong with you, little menstruation?"
I wish clear autumn wiped away my tears and stared at the waves in front of me, holding him in my arms.
Wave Tianya was embarrassed by her sudden intimacy, and I felt that my face was stuck to her chest and the fragrance went straight into my nostrils, so I broke free and looked at her with a red face.
Xia Hua didn’t notice the big brother’s address to her until his eyes flashed and he asked, "Do you call her little menstruation?"
Wave Tianya nodded. "She said it was my little menstruation and I had a kind … strange feeling and believed her."
Xia Hualian blinked a few times and said, "Does she know your origin?"
Wave Tianya Yi seems to suddenly wake up and ask, "Little menstruation, you …"
Zhu Qingqiu wiped away the tears. "Your father’s name is Gu Rusong, and your mother’s name is Zhu Qingyue. You are the only one who can tell you so much. I don’t know what the master was involved in."
Langtianya asked, "Do you know that I will be an immortal Sect?"
Zhu Qingqiu recalled, "Fairy Sect has always been a family friend of Yin and Yang. When your family was attacked by Monty Gate, your father escaped and ran to this fairy Sect. It happened that your mother took the full moon and you went back to your family to know what happened to your family, and then you went to Fairy Sect to find your father. Things will be known."
When it comes to this sound, some stalks continued, "Your mother has been away for more than ten years. When your grandfather was against this marriage, your mother was pregnant and you had to promise your grandfather. The only condition is that your father is not allowed to disclose your mother’s identity to the public. Perhaps it is because of your mother’s safety! What his old man’s house likes most is that you have been wanting to know your situation all these years. I came here this time to find you and leave you. "
Wave Tianya a long time to slowly, "my name is gu? I have a grandfather? I’m a yin-yang Taoist? My mother … "
Xia Hua saw that the big brother’s face was ugly, pulling his skirt and saying, "What’s wrong with you, big brother?"
Langtianya andao "My mother has been to Tianxianzong?" Tu eyes wide open panic way "menstruation? Will the grave next to the small bamboo forest really bury my mother? "
I wish clear autumn just heard the story of the end of the world and guessed that the woman in red was probably a little sad in her sister’s heart. At this time, her eyes became red again and she shook her head and said, "I don’t know."
After a few breaths, Langtianya slowly said, "What did the Monty Master encircle me … Yin and Yang?"
Zhu Qingqiu explained that "Yin and Yang Daoism is profound, mysterious and strange. It may be a crime to live in the Jianghu if everyone wants to live! Added to your grandfather’s generation, I don’t know how to suddenly fall into the Tao, but it is even more impossible for our ancestors to think that it is such a consequence. "
Lang Tianya’s expression was low. "Did you lose all this because you were incapable?"
Xia Hua pulled the sleeves of Langtianya and said, "Don’t be sad, big brother."
I wish clear autumn took a few deep breaths and slowly said, "We still have to consider how to cope with the current difficulties, so we should throw everything away first."
Xia Hua puzzled and asked, "What is difficult?"
Zhu Qingqiu nodded and said, "The mysterious man will never do anything again once he strikes. We should all be very careful tonight!"
Xia Hua immediately said, "Isn’t Brother Yi Lee coming to protect the big brother?"
Wave Tianya looked scared and shook his head. "That man’s martial arts is beyond Brother Li’s ability."
Three people talk unconsciously is to the phantom peak.
Pastoral garden is coming, and she quickly said, "You are all together! I’m going to find you. The carrier pigeon sent a letter to the master elder brother, which seems to be written by the master. "
Wave Tianya tiger body a shock heart andao "what? Master letter? " Hurriedly walked over and opened the letter with the words "Tianya, if I am killed, I will leave the fairy Sect"
Several people saw that his face was very ugly. Zhu Qingqiu asked, "What’s the matter?"
Wave Tianya handed the letter to her with a full face of thinking and sat on the stone pier by the roadside.
The pastoral garden looked puzzled at several people and asked, "What’s wrong with you?"
I wish clear autumn put the letter in her arms and whispered a few words in the garden ear, but she left as soon as she buried her face.
Xia Hua asked, "Sister Zhu, what did you say to Sister Tian?"
Zhu Qingqiu shrugged his shoulders and said, "Nothing means that the master wants to fix her up with the master elder brother in his letter."
Wave Tianya swish up from the stone pier, pointing at her angry words all can’t say it, mouth kept saying "you … you".
Xia Hua laughed a few times and said, "Sister Tian is always so easy to be fooled!"
The waves suddenly seem to remind me of something. I took out the remaining half of the paper from my waist and asked, "Do you know this little menstruation?"
Wish clear autumn took a look at his face changed lanes "accused of resin operator! Where did you find it? "
Wave Tianya quickly replied, "I found a big locust tree in my courtyard."
Zhu Qingqiu shook his head and murmured, "It seems that my guess is right."
Xia Hua asked, "What does this thing have?"
I wish clear autumn will receive the charm in your arms for a long time before saying, "This belongs to the Yin-Yang Daoism. In the Daoism of Yin-Yang Daoism, it is written that’ Heaven and Earth Xuanzong Wan Qi root charm media is called the corpse control charm’"
Lang Tianya was surprised. "You mean there will be someone here who teaches Yin and Yang?"
I wish clear autumn shook his head slowly. "It’s impossible. Your mother told me that all the Taoist ways of Yin and Yang have your family ties to manipulate others. Even if you learn again, you can’t make a thing or two. It’s hard to practice one." After that, I remembered that things flashed in my eyes last night with horror.
Wave Tianya felt a mess in his mind, wondering who was behind it, and remembering that the master had given it to Thaksin, he asked, "Did Master menstruation Jr. write this letter before? And she knows that this mountain will definitely be in danger? "
I wish clear autumn a pat on the forehead and sighed, "I’m hungry when I go to have breakfast."
Three people are back to the dining hall for breakfast. I wish clear autumn to go back to my room to think about the countermeasures tonight and leave in a hurry.
Xia Hua helped Lang Tianya to repair the broken window. After a busy hour, they sat on the stone at the bottom of the locust tree and talked to each other.
I don’t know how long it took to ask, "If all this is as I wish my sister said, what should I do?"
Xia Hua looked at the gloomy day with her chin in her hands and said quietly, "No matter who you are or what you do, you will always be my big brother."
Lang Tianya laughed and laughed at himself. "Lang Tianya thinks so much. Why are you still not satisfied with her and a group of younger brothers and sisters who like you?"
Xia Hua turned her head and asked, "Big Brother, what are you laughing at?"
Wave Tianya sighed, "Do you think this man is very strange? I had hoped that one day I could cultivate the true qi, even if there was a trace of it, I would be satisfied. Now I have achieved that my younger brothers and sisters have changed a lot for me, but I still don’t know that satisfaction may really be a blessing as the master said! "
Xia Hua was silent for a long time and moved to his side to look at him affectionately. "Big Brother, why don’t you petition the master uncle to go to my hometown when we have our adult ceremony?"
Lang Tianya looked at her and nodded, "Good!"